Journey 213: The beauty of POVERTY


Soon, we will be commemorating the Lent and what a better way for it to start is in appreciating the beauty of poverty and also of hopelessness. The faces of poverty are everywhere and we feel them. Many are seen in great and fabulous clothes, nice cars and live in super-filthy rich mansions but also has moral poverty and much worse, the feeling of discontent of what they already have that drives them to steal further, hurt more and lie to the fullest. Their riches do not buy them happiness thus they never felt content of what they already have thus not appreciating that they have more than just those living by their very means and survive. There are also people who live in poverty, in the literal sense of the word.

The universal barometer for gauging poverty is in the ability to live beyond a US$1/a day budget. Now, in this country and in countless many others, we have friends, neighbours and families who still struggle to free themselves from the clutches of poverty. It is however, in their state that they do not have more to eat, that they do not have most others have, the comforts of a good home and houses, necessities of life and living and in the fancy of the world that they appreciate one thing – LIFE itself. When one does not have anything others have, then one can appreciate the beauty of LIFE and understand poverty.

Is poverty something we must love? I do not aspire for it but we must hate poverty. Our state of life can still be changed by educating ourselves more, gaining more knowledge to serve us in the future not only immediately today. We must hate poverty because we can change it and we have at our disposal the means to better our lives. Thus, the beauty of poverty is seen and felt to make us realize that a day in our lives that we eat less, we have good reasons to look for a better-paying jobs. Its beauty is seen and felt to make us further realize that the days when we are soaked in the rain or burned in the sunlight, that we struggle to work harder to get a decent shelter. Poverty is an economic malady but it can, by all means, be cured.

But in so far as poverty is part of society, it is there to constantly remind the rich to also serve the poor. It is there to constantly remind the educated to help those who have not been to school and commit themselves to freeing them from hopelessness, ignorance and eventually, poverty. It is there to remind us that richness and the rich have their shadows and they are the poor in our society. We will have a better understanding of life if we appreciate the beauty of poverty in us, to better serve them who have less than we have and to ultimately, be the inspiration for those who looked up to us for their hopes and dreams.

It is through the beauty of poverty that one hates it in their lives and aspire more each day by the grace of God. It is through appreciating life that one is content to what he has and share these to as many people as one can possibly reach out. There are more into it that made us understand life than what one can capture at the moment’s notice or perhaps, those that meets the eye.

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4 thoughts on “Journey 213: The beauty of POVERTY

  1. I can relate in every line of this blog………….

  2. thanks Archie. Thank you.

  3. I can really relate as well…well said Archie! welcome to PTB!

  4. Thank you Darwin. I am honored to have been a part of PTB. Thanks alot. God bless bro

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