Travel 118: A Day in my LIFE with Journeying James

One of the best benefits of Couchsurfing (CS) is you get to meet people who share the same passion of travelling and blogging at the same time. It’s one thing I had been into for the past months and hosted two distinguished gentlemen who became great friends. Upon too short notice, Karlo De Leon, my CS friend too texted me about James coming in to Pagadian City for a visit. I said yes, I can host and the rest became history.

I have learned from James from his journeys and travels too. It was him who taught me that one traveller can in fact; make a very fulfilling travel in 500 budget a day. I put it to the test myself and on the day after he arrived, we decided to jump off to Lakeview Resort in Biswangan, Lake Wood, in Zamboanga del Sur. We took the public transport going there from my home and it was indeed something fulfilling. Both me and James took the van plying Pagadian to Lakewood at the cost of Php 70.00 each. Upon arriving at breathtaking Lakeview Resort, James was excited to the take the dip. It was once-in-a-lifetime experience for him to take the plunge on the enchanting Lake Wood.

At the first, management was hesitant giving in to Jame’s plea for a quick swim. We instead, toured the resort and had a sumptuous lunch of spicy squid at the cost of Php 100 each at the resort’s restaurant.

James’ wishes were granted and he was permitted by management to swim at the lake upon signing the waiver, I was the instant witness. He took the plunge, swam and we recorded it by video. In less than 30 minutes, he was done and we were off to Pagadian. James told me the waters were murky and that he was afraid to go farther away since the lake’s water is somewhat pulling him down.

We took a habal-habal (motorcycle) from the resort to Tubod, along the national highway of Zamboanga del Sur where we took the bus going back to Pagadian. It cost us Php 35 each. While waiting for our bus, James and I took a fancy taking pictures of the ladies selling stuffs to bus passengers. By the spur of the moment, I suggested that we took turns taking photos of ourselves selling the wares. It was an instant hit. That made me reflect more on my role here on earth. Well, for sure, my PhD does not match anything near selling those stuffs to complete strangers.

We took the van going to Pagadian from Tubod and paid Php 35 each. It was a 45 minutes ride back to Pagadian and upon arriving in the City, we alighted at the Rotonda where I showed James how Pagadian looks like from the high vantage point. It is where one can see Pajares Avenue that traverses down to the Wharf area. From where, we took tricycle to Dao, purposely to show to James the Provincial Government Complex where our Jaycee Corner was located and the Provincial Tourism Office was. We paid Php 10 each. Afterwards, we took the cd-cab downtown at Php 10 each. Upon arriving at the city proper, we walked to Golda’s Kafe, my favourite nook in the city. It is very peaceful and not so many people are there. We had refreshments of hot choco and coffee, plus hot Spanish bread and we paid a total of Php 145 on it all.

We then proceeded to the night market where we had dinner of Php 45 for the two of us. We had the fullest meal and went home by tricycle we took from the night market along P. Urro Street, and paid Php 15 each.

It was a day in my life that I have tested the theory of Journeying James. All the rest became history. Now, gotta travel!

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3 thoughts on “Travel 118: A Day in my LIFE with Journeying James

  1. thank you so much for taking time to take a leave to tour me in places i dream of seeing while in zambo sur. i appreciate the blog sir. salamat bai!

  2. Welcome bro. It’s my pleasure showing you around here. One thing I have learned from you is that no matter what, a traveler can always enjoy the company of great friends who were strangers and on a shoestring? Darn, you taught me well on it.

    Thanks too for the teachings. I have now learned the ropes in traveling which I could never have had if I did not met you.

    God bless you in your journey. Soon, I hope we can travel together. Ciao amigo!

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