Journey 214: My Shadow stood Still

In our journeys through life, one has to always be observant how our shadows can very well speak of who we are at the moment and how we can become in the coming days, months and years. When we walk, we felt alone, but we never noticed that a shadow keeps us company. We never even appreciated that our own selves is the best companion one gets in this world, no talks, no complaints, no whatever, just nearby. It mirrors the way we do each day and night. It echoes what we think of doing and it symbolizes the kind of kindred spirit we so leave in each path we took.

The only difference one man gets out of this world is that they long for companions who appreciates them, tell them in approving nod that they were doing good and great, striding through life like a honcho but one must never fail to appreciate that there are families and friends, even strangers from faraway places who follow our trails, no complaints, no talks, just following us by. They too needs our constant guidance and reflection. We make life worth living if we learn to appreciate those faceless, voiceless strangers who get inspired by our life. The way living should be full of unexpected turns, reaching out on trees or catching up on falling stars. It is through it that we understood that the life we live are inspirations for others to keep living too. One must also understand that countless others whose shadows were left unrecognized are just wandering off. Could you tell yours to stand still?

When you learn to appreciate yourself and what you had lived for, then your shadow shall embrace you. Silently, it will reach out to you in such enormous passion that your radiance shall be felt way ahead of you. When you learn to appreciate the strangers in your life, then you will learn to value that your life is just a pebble in the shore, living, squeezing space and getting drifted farther on to sea – never alone, but with countless millions whom we never knew in a lifetime. It is living for others that makes the difference and through it, by appreciating them that our shadows may stand still – nearby.

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