Journey 215: The Power of Contentment

After listening to the song of Adam Harvey entitled “I am doing alright”, the song sort of reaffirmed my conviction that happiness does not usually come from the thought that one must be a millionaire to be happy. Yes, “I know I can be a millionaire but I just don’t care because I am doing alright” is what the song sends and it’s a strong message of contentment of what we have. Sometimes, because we sees life differently from what has been truly lived, then we become restless and aspires for more even to the detriment of ourselves and our families. Avarice and thirst for power and influence often drives men and women to even forget their own humanity that no matter how one gets richer day by day, their happiness is so elusive. One can never buy happiness but surely, it does gives inspiration to those who have less yet they appreciate what they already have.

The stark difference between people who are driven because they are motivated to be of great inspiration on others other than earning more than he can ever spend is in their ability to pause back, enjoy the beauty of the world by walking on hills, rivers, feeling the seas, touching the green leaves and smelling the flowers blooming. They find happiness and contentment on nature’s gifts, fresh air, simple and laidback life, stress-free environment and more so, they find happiness in the company of great friends and families. On the other hand, those who have been driven because their zeal for money as the sole barometer for influence and inspiration have less time to appreciate the mundane, the simple gifts of life, the gesture of kindness, the smile, the time that slowly trudge its way through traffic, the handshake that is firmer as it is based on trust and love, the trip to the sea, the river bend, and hearing the birds chirping.

Like the child who wields nothing but optimism, one must also be content that his present stature or those that he has is what is for sure, needed at the moment. Nothing gives us happiness that is pure but by being able to appreciate what we have and where we are the moment for us to better think of the future through a gaze that defines us by contentment not by our flaws and discontents.

The power of contentment rests within us. Even in relationships, one must always be content. If you are into such union, relationship or partnership, be content. If you are in a career you build on, be content. If you are on your studies, be content. It is through contentment that you do not see others but yourselves and how you radiate to those who need you. You don’t need to compete to the world but rather, be at ease with it by finding strength in the contentment you feel about what you have and where you are at the moment. It is by being content that one can also aspire for what makes him of great help to others, something driven not of greed, of power, of influence but based on trust, equanimity and more so, happiness.

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10 thoughts on “Journey 215: The Power of Contentment

  1. Another nice one Wendell. Truth be told, contentment is every man’s nightmare until he finds it in his heart and cherish it. I guess it is the adventurous heart in every man that gives his the unusual restlessness. Then again, I should say the good of every man’s upbringing has always got something to do with his future.

  2. I could not agree with you more. Thanks for sharing.

  3. gretchen

    happiness for me at my age now is meeting all my classmates and reminiscing all our golden years … definitely happiness comes in many form … 🙂

    • yes, it comes in many forms and what is essential is we are happy by each way we could ever be content. I wished you all the best my friend. I missed you. God bless you

  4. Agree. Without contentment, we will not be happy.

  5. al cagalingan

    just came across your blog today. nice enlightening article. will catch up on your previous ones.

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