Journey 216: By the Art of Reconciliation

There were events in our lives that we made enemies of friends and vice versa. Also, in the course of our life’s journey, we encounter people who had been our fierce detractors and because of that, we felt stressed out, pained, betrayed, and humiliated and worse, alienated. In most cases, we have to remind ourselves that we are but humans whose conditions are as fragile as those of our detractors. We felt pained, they too felt it. When we bleed, they too bleed. When we felt betrayed, they too felt it. As they say it, what we do for others is what comes back to us so many hundred-fold, which is commonly called by its Indian origin name of Karma. The nuances of relationships involved understanding and misunderstanding, communication and miscommunication and the most potent of all, treatment and mistreatment, trust and mistrust. All these are what make us definitely the human we can all become. If we have not gone through all these, perhaps, we need to pinch ourselves and slap our faces for maybe we are not human after all.

The necessities of reconciliation are moreover paramount in almost all phases in our lives. When we were a child growing up and do not know the ways of the world, we need to reconcile with it. When we believed that what is wrong is believed to be right, then we need to be reconciled with it. When we love the wrong person at the right time or at the wrong time with the right person, then we need to reconcile with it. When we manifested purity of intentions however the one we gave it to is not, then we need to reconcile with it. Certainly, as long as we all lived, we have what it takes to be reconciled with our lives and those whom we have wronged or made painfully wrong decisions. It is where we break the cycle of bad karma when we accepted the shortcomings of others and even ourselves, reconciled with it, mend our ways and move on. There are lessons one can learn out of every bad situation that has occurred in our lives. It does make better people because we understand how to forgive and to also accept while struggling further on to move on.

In the art of reconciliation, one must be open-hearted to hear and listen, nurture good vibes and cultivate trust that has been ruined. As they say, a trust destroyed will be forever destroyed but for me, it is not. When we are reconciled with our wrongs and those whom we wronged, then trust is restored albeit too slowly. It needs the constancy of validating, again, nurturing and steadfastly, believing. When we have reconciled, then gone are the past, but look beyond today and onto tomorrow, with rebuilt faith, loyalty, magnanimity of spirit and the generous kindness to see them or ourselves through to life. When we commit ourselves in the process of reconciliation then stick to it, never waver but see through it, stay away from which that tempts you and move on. It is the only thing one can always give to himself or to others when we are in our journeys. What we see through after all is not what we only see today but rather what we can gain from the experiences of the past and of today and make this as our compass towards a more stable and equitable tomorrow.

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