Journey 217: To love you the Most

Like what Jesus has made for himself in Gethsemane, one must profess unconditional love and support to those whom they have loved. The moments were complete ours to hold and held within our hearts as the time moves through us and in our memory, we shall carry them. When the time comes for us to better understand our trails and challenges, no question will ever be hard enough to answer or to hinder us in our search for genuine happiness and those of whom we cared so much and deeply. Our happiness should not only be exclusive but encompassing all those who have come into our lives. As I have said, there are people who have come to our lives for a reason and a purpose. They did not come to us to rob us of the opportunity but rather, they are there to give us the opportunity to love more, care deeply and affectionately guide each one through our journeys.

Personally, I have had many myriad experiences that defined me as a person and a man. Those were strangers who became great friends. Those were friends who became enemies. Those were enemies who became avid admirers. Those were loved ones whom I continually loving unconditionally and supported in both prayers and love. The generosity of spirit I shared to others is also what I have had experienced in my lifetime. These are many of the experiences that define me, not rob me. They defined me as who I am in the face of my status and stature.

By loving them more, one gets to sacrifice. Our sacrifice is for the ones we cared and loved. When we give in to them for their dreams, then we sacrificed ours to make them fulfilled. When we give them the chance to love themselves more, then we sacrificed ours to make them happiest. When we give in to them in their life’s journeys, then we sacrificed ours for them to make the first step in life – independently. When we are giving in to them as they paddle on, then we sacrificed ours for them to make their compass and follow it. By loving you more, I sacrificed my all to make you realized what is yours and to be yours forever. It will be the best gift I can give to someone I loved and cared and even if it means my own Gethsemane, I will forever endure it for your sake. I will forever have you in my thoughts, hearts and hands.

Just as I love you more, remember this. When you are pained, bruised, hurt, disappointed, rob, betrayed, hopeless then I will take on the paddle and will retake it from your hand and we will be journeying together again that even the squall will never deter us from reaching our shores together.

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