Travel 119. Baptism of the SEA

On the second and final day of Journeying James to Pagadian City, we decided to kill 30 minutes of our time prior to heading towards the airport for his flight back to Manila and what a better way to kill it is by going to the Pagadian City Fish Port, took a peek at the Tapay Tapay off-shore, asked some few questions then off we go.

I was excited too since it is my first time to go check the Tapay Tapay myself. I never had the chance to do just that. It’s one thing that gives me the adrenaline and decided with James to board a small boat (Bangka) towards the Tapay-Tapay.

The only stupid thing I did was to stand on the Bangka as if it were solid ground, hold on the the bamboo while asking permission to take on-board. The undercurrent of the sea is rather strong so our poor little Bangka just kept on slipping through towards the side of the Tapay-Tapay. End result? Ice Tea commercial mishap.

Suddenly, when I noticed that the Bangka is moving inwards to the side, I took my balance and sit back only to be thrown out to sea, mobile phones, book and all with me. Good that my feet were stuck on the Bangka so I just helped myself within less than a minute and resumed pace, as if nothing happens but I was all wet.

The funny experience was that my book written by a Cuban writer Pablo Medina was floating farther away from where we were but my wayfarer, remains with me, still clinging on my eyes and when I took back after my baptismal in the sea, I still wore the wayfarer.

The only lesson I learned out of the experience is to never underestimate the power of the sea and water. It may seemed calmed but underneath, the current is faster than I thought. I told Journeying James that it will be with me and it happens on April 8, 2011, one of the most distinct dates in my life.

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