Journey 218: By the winds of CHANGE

There are moments in our lives that a sudden surge for change is imperative after waking up each day to the same routine, making each step meaningful. The change that comes to us can also empower us to reach out to an uncertain future with certainty. Are we opt to stay the course or embrace the change that comes to us and while learning from it, making ourselves the best conduit for it to also be appreciated by others surrounding us. When the wind blows against our direction, it’s a constant reminder that we need to mend our ways, learn from the past, move on and heed the call of a better “us”. There are myriad moments we have in our lives that change are trudging onto us, making their presence felt and allowing us to acknowledged them as they come. When one encounter change, one must be open-minded enough to embrace it.

Needlessly, when we care so much about the future without even appreciating our present, then when change comes, it is very painful and harder to embrace. The winds may be harsh but it is a blessing. It depends on the manner in which we embrace it, welcoming it to ourselves while we live each day. It is best to look beyond what is today and learning through our past mistakes that a change in us will further strengthen us to live in the future not in the past. We have all the necessities, those intangibles that empower us to be better versions of ourselves because we are inspired by others to change and mend ways. When we are inspired as much as we give out inspiration to others, then an apparent attempt at change will be just a simple walk in the clouds.

Change comes with a distinct purpose too. It generates the rare opportunity for others to also enjoy life. When we are confronted with the surge, high winds and all that, it reminds us that there are things and moments in our lives that is not to be and will have to be mended. When we realized it too, change empowers us to better understand ourselves and those whom we cared deeply. It is through it that life is well-lived, even as we think it is encumbered.

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