Journey 219: In the Stillness, there is CALM

So many instances in our life which make us think where we stand at the crucial episodes while we film it. No matter how it went, we have to live it the best we can. Our life, when it stands at the stillness of the cool blue waters then we are calmed. I have seen this in my own life that after every storm and the squall of uncertainty, peace, stability and understanding reigns. I find inner peace within me as I reflect on what lessons I have learned while living my life the best I could. Using whatever best strategy one can equip with, life has to be cherished by the lessons we gained out of every journey. The meaning of every problem, trial and challenges will be unfurled the moment we take on the stillness inside our hearts and embrace calmness. Soothingly as we speak, one can never muster the courage to face life’s challenges when he is also at war with himself. When he is not at peace internally, then struggles, disappointments, rejection and disbelief will wary our spirit down, even our will to live.

In the stillness, there will always be calmness. We aspire for what is there outside awaiting us when we move through life’s journeys. When we took the first step, we can never see right ahead what is in store for us because sometimes, we are blinded by the sunlight from where we stand, sometimes, the blind curve hides the real road ahead. It can only be best appreciated and revealed internally when we are at peace with what we have gained in life and remained to be at peace. When our troubles seemed to be the rolling waves, then brace yourself for it for after every wave, a soothing stillness can ensue. We may be battered as I have said, but we must carry on. We may be hurled off the raging waters but we must swim and as we do, we grab the opportunity to live well.

When our lives are spent the way we can, using our journeys as barometer then it can always give us the strength to appreciate what is to come and embrace what has gone. What matters the most is not on how huge the trials that comes our way but on how we brace ourselves for its onslaught. One can never choose what God will give or not to give us to test our spirit but we can always choose to anchor our faith in HIM to make the best effort last. After all, the best effort there could be for one man can also be, certainly the greatest effort for another who needs you the most in his lifetime. When we search for what makes us happy then it can only be granted when we are peace with ourselves, our families, lovers, and friends. It is by openly giving ourselves the chance to be an inspiration to them that our stilled spirit can be most felt and shared. Remember, when we are all stilled, then the soothing calmness ensue to last through the end.

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