Journey 220: A Penitent Heart

As they say that the penance for sin is to be able to seek forgiveness and also grant forgiveness where it is due while we also aspire for peace within ourselves as a process of healing. One morning, I have received an SMS message from my closest friend, Ace William in which his text was all about forgiveness and of the contrite spirit seeking for forgiveness. Yes, forgiveness does not mean forgetting, letting off and smoothing things out but rather it has deeper sense of its meaning.

Forgiveness is one hallmark where the ability of man are always tested. It highlights the very essence of our humanity because it is only through the spirit of forgiveness that one is redeemed of his wrongdoings and of his past. It is through forgiveness that one is granted the opportunity to correct his shortcomings and never to return to it. If one will forever be enslaved by its apparent onslaught then the power of a penitent heart has not been with him. While we can, one should grant forgiveness for those who have committed them wrong as long as there is a willingness of heart to seek it and also sought forgiveness at anytime one has done ills to someone.

If we only openly practice the art of forgiving then perhaps the world will be at peace. It is because when one forgives that the heaviness of their hearts will be replaced with the inner peace no one can ever explain. It gives the person hope for a new life, a new beginning and a new fate. It gives the person the ability to live another day in the correct path already and never to come back committing the same mistakes again. For one who sought forgiveness too, it does not mean surrender but it represents our humility to face the adversity with a contrite spirit for only God can grant the penultimate punishment. But truly, how can a person grants forgiveness when the world has done injustice unto them and the world has been unforgiving too? One must also discern that while the world is unjust to them, God is not. While the people around him are unforgiving, God is not.

May the essence of the Lent be one that we exercise our power to forgive and also seek forgiveness for the sins we have done. A contrite heart goes a long way than a proud and haughty ones. Let this Lent remind us that we can never be arbiter of one man’s folly but God.

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