Journey 221: Of the strongest bastion which is FAITH

Many among us, on the Lenten season have almost forgotten that the essence of living an upright life is through the living of faith. Faith by the way is encompassing all kinds and facets of religion and does not limit anyone’s religion from the activities of the religious. The sanctity of faith is anchored on your strongest belief that God is the ultimate source of inspiration and guidance. That no matter what you do in the past, today and in the future, no amount of effort will be considered worthwhile unless anchored on what God has planned for you to become. In all aspects, it is one they call pre-destination but I subscribe on the freewill of man. All what God wants is for us to become the best living example of HIS creation and if we do not freely accept it, then it is up to us never in HIM, and that is freewill.

May the season of Lent strongly remind us that our faith is as important as hope, honesty and perseverance as well as reverence. We may be defining the Lent totally from a different angular perspective replete with vacationing to the beach, to a nice new country or just plainly enjoying the summer, but it does not change its definitive meaning that no matter what, the Lent reminds us to mend ways, seek forgiveness and we also freely give forgiveness, letting go and moving on. One must also be reminded that the Lent is not simply a holiday to enjoy but to ponder on, reflect and interposes the perfect definition of being the role model for our families, friends, lovers and partners.

While we are in the Churches wherever our faith is anchored, believe. Whenever we are outside it, believe. Whenever we seemed to be forgetful of the Lent, recoil and revalidate to believe. Whenever we are too engrossed with our self-defined happiness in the Lent, pause, ponder on and believe. Whenever we are reflective and circumspect, believe the most. Faith is what we live each day and it crosses the sections where religions are defined. It symbolizes that humanity has been redeemed by God thus now is our moment to also do the best we can.

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