Travel 121: Out for the search of the White Monkey in Manga Falls

Not until Suzi Lee arrived in my lovely city that I was able to get the chance to see the enchanting Manga Falls and the legend that it foretold of a white monkey that shows itself to visitors coming over to enjoy the serene and pristine lush greeneries surrounding the enchanting falls. The Manga falls is just 4 kilometers from where I live and my house is the home for my fellow travel blogger who hails from California, in the USA. Suzi read it in the internet that the Manga Falls is one destination we can easily get on while in the City.

Since it is Good Friday and nothing much to do the whole day, we decided to trek our way off to the falls. This is fortunately; my first time to also see the falls firsthand so is with Suzi. I had the courage to see the beauty of which I was not able to have seen in spite its closer proximity from my home and I was not disappointed.

We took the tricycle from where we were on the street and brought us to the entrance of the village where we have to pass through in going to the falls in the amount of Php 50.00 for the three of us. While on the trek to the falls, I saw varied trees like dao tree whose gigantic trunk inspired me to take on what has been for us ahead in terms of walking through the trail. We took time immersing in the vicinity and took pictures.

When we arrived at the falls, the water cascading is just breathtaking and serene is the exact word. I felt like I am in Ankor Wat or elsewhere in Thailand because of the rock formations where the water cascaded. We just took the time off to appreciate what nature has to offer us and had taken the time off cooling our feet on the soothing and calming waters.

At this time, we were the only people there so we took the time out to appreciate the beauty of the falls and had been as inspired further on to proclaim to everyone that indeed, the falls is one place where the heavens and earth meet and the serenity it brings to us is somewhat we all cherished.

When in search for the white monkey, the person in charge of the park told us it usually appears late afternoon or dawn so we thought it is just best to leave it to our imagination after we have seen what we saw. One that keeps us coming back for more until we have finally seen the white monkey, perhaps lurking on the trees or just plainly observing above the rocks that has been held by the massive banyan tree that portends its own enchanting beauty.

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2 thoughts on “Travel 121: Out for the search of the White Monkey in Manga Falls

  1. Eva Martin

    To Dr. Wendell Cagape: I am Eva Martin, Suzi Lee’s mother. I just read your wonderful blog and enjoyed the beautiful photos. Suzi also emailed us about her stay with you, how much she enjoyed it, and how nice and hospitable everyone was. I am so grateful for that and thank you so much for taking care of her and showing her a good time. Naturally, I think about her all the time, traveling through the world alone, always hoping she ‘d be safe and happy. When she meets people like you, I never have to worry! You gave her a memorable two days in your home — thank you so much.

    • Hi Eva, your lovely daughter is one traveler I have been inspired with since I saw her and our friendship blossomed. She is indeed a world map and I have learned so much from her. though she only stayed for 2 nights in my humble home but she made it all worthwhile. She gave me insights on travels to countries she has already been to.

      Suzi is a gift to me and our friendship will be there as long as we live. Wherever she may be on foot in her travels, my prayers for her safety will always abide her. Thank you for taking the time out to read my blog.

      You are such a wonderful lady Eva. God bless you.

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