Journey 222: Of Vandalized FAITH

As many of us would have relaxed on the feel of the Black Saturday off the beaten Holy Week feel, one must also be aware of how his faith have ever captured the sense of propriety one owns up to what he believes to be in his lifetime of service to himself and to God. Many will never have thought that at a certain point in our lives, our faith is bombarded with so many temptations and irritants in fact, some lived their vandalized faith very much similar to what one sees as too banal today. Among so many unfortunate aspects of faith is our continued justification that our own conscience will forever dictate our manner of seeking amends of our pasts and our wrongs thus needlessly, Holy Week after Holy Week, we just momentarily paused, becomes prayerful, to some, pious only for the Good Friday and on the Easter, back to the meandering ways of the past, sinning as if the redeemed piousness has completely erased our sins in the past year and we are now ready to commit sins again to be sought for forgiveness in the coming Holy Week and so on.

One must understand that if we truly live and relive what Christ has done for us then it has been made in complete honesty and sincerity. When God sent his only begotten Son to redeem mankind and open the floodgates of redemption in the New Testament then now is our time to do our part. We are now responsible for our own humanity, our own religiosity and our own faith. Our faith now, as was in the past and is forever anchored on our God will be based on our own self-reflection and understanding to capacitates ourselves to commit to the higher ideals of faith, something that one can forever rid away of those that tarnish it. We have forgotten that the manifold encounter from the pages of the Old Testament and the New Testament gives us the opportunity to take responsibility of our own faith, our own salvation and with the constancy of our self-reflection of what kind of life we live each day.

The only distinct disadvantage in this is that very opaque definition we set for ourselves about our faith which vandalizes it. We failed to look beyond what we can do for ourselves in the matter of our faith and our ability to correct our mistakes and similarly, as in the vandalized bell tower, it symbolizes the immaturity of our faith, our inability to understand what it stood for and for all reasons, it failed to call us up to change. The vandalism of even our faith creates the feeling of incompleteness, hopelessness, misdirection and a decayed spirituality. One must, in the spirit of the Lent be able to clean ourselves up, get rid of those that sullied our faith and openly embrace our own responsibility for our faith and our journey. God has done his part years and years ago and now is our time to make ours. Will you ever be forever enslaved with your vandalized faith or will you forever be the shining example of a man responsible for his own and that of his significant others who journeyed along?

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