Journey 224: My Simple and Humble Wish

Today, as I celebrated my 35th Birthday, I am overwhelmed by the enormous show of love, faith, friendship, loyalty, genuine happiness from friends I have from since I was a child, to where I am now, including the blogging community. I am touched by your show of greatness today and I felt your sincerity. I, for one felt your messages are not hallow but filled with purity of intentions, greatness of heart and the warmth of friendship.

Certainly, I have also had strangers whom I met but parted as friends and I had been counting on them for my lifetime of experiences. I am grateful for them and their expression of care, love, concern, peace and good wishes for great health and the happiness we sought each day.

But my simple wish is not for me but for you out there, all of you. I wish you will have the peace you so desire, the contentment you so search and the love you so longed. I wish you the life that is peaceful and carefree. I wish you the wisdom to discern which way to a fulfilled heart and the way of which one redeems not only his life but that of others. I wish you happiness that is full of laughter, even at the smallest gesture. I wish you an untiring foot for a travel you all deserve. I wish you the unremitting passion for writing that your ink will be one that inspires others. I wish you the light of the world that you may be the beckon of hope for the hopeless and be the inspiration for those around you. I wish you happiness in the life you choose and the love you live each day. I wish you all the best there is for you to cherish in a lifetime you can share to those whom you love so affectionately and approvingly.

I will wish less for myself because I have you all with me. It is you that defined me as to who I am and what I will become in the future. I am grateful for the great company we all keep and the laughter we shared, the moments I listen to you outpour your heartaches, your cries, your hopelessness. I am grateful for the constancy of your friendship and the abiding spirit of your faith and loyalty.

In my journey today, you had been there and will always be there. I know you are. Sometimes, distance and the berth might be too constraining but it will reward us with such great opportunities to share, in the past, now and in the future to come.

The simplicity of my life as it is what I lived today is one that reassures me peace and stability because you are there for me and my life. My journey will forever be meaningful because you are there to standby me, to pamper me and to cuddle me when I needed it. Just like a reliable friend, you are such an assurance of greatness that not even gold can ever replace. I truly believed that you shine far brighter and your luminous influence is far reaching than diamonds.

Thank you very much for your kindness, love, peace, generosity and understanding. Indeed, if I’ll write a note to God, it will not be for me but for you!

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2 thoughts on “Journey 224: My Simple and Humble Wish

  1. Maureen Olivieri Haugdahl

    That was absolutely beautiful and so well written. Thank you Wendell!

    • Thank you too for your abiding friendship Maureen. You are a blessing to my life and I wished to thank you for your generosity of spirit. Its a wish I have for you my friend. Thank you again

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