Speech 103: The Greatest Chance of a Lifetime

The greatest chances we can all take in this life are what make us truly who we are and what we can become in life from here is what defines us as a person. We have made the entire journey worthwhile because we care deeply about our family, ourselves, our friends and those who are nearest to us. Your journey today is one greatest chance in your lifetime to make it the most relevant not only to you but to your parents.

Thank you for inviting me to speak before you today on your graduation. I have a strong affiliation with STI for one reason: My wife graduated her BS in Computer Science from STI Tacloban. STI is one institution I have high respects for and continue to play that critical role of educating most of our youths of today. You are now ready to take on life and take another fulfilling journey towards a more promising future.

I would like to share with you one some thoughts I have written on my blog (www.jt76wordpress.com) about love and sacrifice of which it suits this great occasion. When you walk out of this hall today and get to be where you wanted to be in your life do not forget this: When we have more than what others wished for, share. When you have what others have not, ponder on and share more. When you have in abundance what others have lacked, then share more. It is by sharing what we have, in thoughts, heart and in material things that one finds its own definition of what truly is love and sacrifice in our lives. When we are loved and had been loved, then love the most. When we are cared for, then care the most. When we are sheltered, then offer shelter to strangers. When we are pained, then understand. When we are challenged, then humble oneself. It is through this that our definition of good and goodness in men can be best translated into being.

It is through this that we define our place in other people’s lives. No one can live on his own for so long as he wants. We need friends, families, loved ones to support us in our plans in life. The only difference now between, your days as a student and your coming days as new professionals are this: You are now expected to look for a job, build a career, make a family, and finally, contribute to society.

When I graduated in my university, I never thought that I will pursue a career in education much more, never thought that I will get the chance to work with students, parents and the community, but it did happened and I am now working with the best students we have. However, in my journey, I prepared myself. I have had experiences that help me define my own person now. But let me also remind you, when you become who you want to be, do not forget where you came from. Do not forget your teachers, do not forget STI and never forget your parents. You will never be where you will be in your lifetime without them. No one man can claim success on his own, as I say.

While you are in school, we teach you about your own professions now. Teaching you the basics of your career, hoping that this will help you perform better in the career you have chosen. In all, we need to teach you about life too. We need to teach you about the power of change.

Needlessly, when we care so much about the future without even appreciating our present, then when change comes, it is very painful and harder to embrace. The winds may be harsh but it is a blessing. It depends on the manner in which we embrace it, welcoming it to ourselves while we live each day. It is best to look beyond what is today and learning through our past mistakes that a change in us will further strengthen us to live in the future not in the past. We have all the necessities, those intangibles that empower us to be better versions of ourselves because we are inspired by others to change and mend ways. When we are inspired as much as we give out inspiration to others, then an apparent attempt at change will be just a simple walk in the clouds.

As young professionals, it is expected of you to make change happen in your lives, in your family, in your community and in the nation. We need you to make positive change happen by embracing mutual understanding, showing compassion and doing what is right for you to do. Gone are the days where we can be all too relax about life but now, the pressing reality is that: You are a man of your own. You are what you can become and the teachers you have today, are instruments to make that happen. Your parents are here today to see you through that their painful days, crucial decisions in life and your agony of getting to pass each exam is a victory your family all shared.

As you go out of your alma mater today, do not ever forget where you come from. Be content with what you have in life and never aspire those that you can never reach for it will just disappoint you. Always remember this: You will never become nurses, IT experts, computer programmers, Computer science experts if not because you came into the right school with the right instructors, therefore, thank them. Wherever you may be in this lifetime, come back and thank your teachers. Make them feel they are important to your life because honestly, I will tell you now: You will never be where you are today and in the future if not because of them. You will never get to be where you can be in the future if not because of them.

I would like to share with you my formula for success: Be yourself, aspire for more by reading more, learning more and appreciating life the way it is by way of sharing it with those who need you as their inspiration. Even after your graduation, learn more by reading more. Read more to learn more in life.

Now that you are graduates of STI, always remember that you are prepared to face the challenges of a very competitive world. Abide by that because you are already given the necessities to make it to the world full of competition from other schools and universities. The world out there is so unforgiving and very much insulting that if you fail, then the world will never bow down to you but rather they have higher expectations of you because you were trained, educated and moulded already. Face the world with confidence and of course, search for happiness that is based on contented hearts.

Nothing gives us happiness that is pure but by being able to appreciate what we have and where we are the moment for us to better think of the future through a gaze that defines us by contentment not by our flaws and discontents.

The power of contentment rests within us. Even in relationships, one must always be content. If you are into such union, relationship or partnership, be content. If you are in a career you build on, be content. If you are on your studies, be content. It is through contentment that you do not see others but yourselves and how you radiate to those who need you. You don’t need to compete to the world but rather, be at ease with it by finding strength in the contentment you feel about what you have and where you are at the moment. It is by being content that one can also aspire for what makes him of great help to others, something driven not of greed, of power, of influence but based on trust, equanimity and more so, happiness.

Congratulations and Thank you very much!

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