Travel 122: Aliguay Island escapade

The entire JCI organizations in Mindanao went out of our way to visit Aliguay island, off Dakak in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte for our 2nd ACM/RCM, an event of the JCI Philippines that are designed to reinforced its programs and projects, informing members of the new directions of the organization, briefing of national projects, reporting of different regions and much more, going to reinforce the friendship we all built throughout the years.

We went to meet at the ZANORTE Capitol Plaza in downtown Dipolog City and had breakfast with my brothers from JCI Greater Pagadian at the Dimsum Place. Afterwards, we went off to Bucana Wharf area to take on the ferry going to Aliguay Island. By the way, the Serpentina ferry only goes to the island on weekends (Friday-Saturday-Sunday) with Php 200 per person fare one way. For the most adventurous, a motorized Bangka can be rented for Php 1,500 per day use.

Well, what to expect in going to Aliguay? The waves were mighty and beautiful and as the rest of the group had experienced, it is once in a lifetime journey, complete with prayers, laughter, fun and serenity. The waves are higher and higher but the moment we saw the island, the feeling of relief were all felt and the excitement is heightened.

Unaware of what to expect, I was greeted with a makeshift floating wharf in the island, very much of a fun-filled experience to disembark from the ferry. A great way to experience the travel to this island is the chance to disembark on this floating platform.

The white sand beach greeted us and the sun is bursting in mid-day heat so the summer is very much felt. The walk on the sand is one that every traveller felt relief after the tossing waves. It is a beautiful island which has its own helipad, its own cemetery and a small neighbourhood of fisherfolks.

The island is self-energizing itself using solar power so lights are on at 630pm and are off at 5am each day. The island has a Tacubo restaurant that offers sumptuous meals. There are tent areas all over the island for those who wanted to taste the au naturelle feel of it.

Coming here are of many ways. One can take a smaller vessel which usually takes an hour to an hour forty-five minutes across the waters or the ones we took using the fast-craft ferry which is an hour trip.

Aliguay Island is one great island that promises both as destination and a journey. Coming here is great relief when you see the island from the quay and the blue waters, so clean embracing you to take the dip and enjoy the sun.

Indeed, Aliguay island is one visit no traveller should miss.

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9 thoughts on “Travel 122: Aliguay Island escapade

  1. wow sir! ang sosyol! hehehe yung sinakyan nyo na lantsa 200 lang perhead yun?

    • yeap serpentina costs only 200 per head kaso friday-saturday-sunday lang un pero there are smaller bangkas that ply to the island everyday.

  2. Chereli Arcadio SalvadorAdnagroma(Didang)

    nindota d ari kuya ui…

  3. Mhai

    Hi! Bucan wharf is where? And are there rooms that can be rented in the island for overnight stay? How much would it cost? We are planning to go there. :)) Thank you! πŸ™‚

  4. Mhai,

    The wharf is near dipolog city. yes, there are pavillon for rent there and I believed it is between 700-800 per night. I have not tried it since we just took the tent while we slept there overnight.

    But beware, you must bring your own bottled water as there are no potable water supply in the island, not for bath or drinking, so you should bring water.

    The island is very nice. U will never regret about going there.

  5. G.I.

    hello sir, i like you blogs and the pix. may i ask, if there is a schedule time for the serpentina ferry? what time will they leave in the morning? in other words, do u happen to you their scheduled trips to the island?
    by the way, how can we get to Bucana wharf? how much is the fare?
    Is the food in the island affordable?
    Thanks for you responses. πŸ™‚

  6. brixyle

    were planning to go there this holy week what else do we need to bring aside from tents and water? how about the availability of the food? and the comfort room? πŸ˜€

  7. kat

    hi sir, how much pd ang rent sa tents?..thank you sir

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