Journey 225: The Power of an Embrace

Everyone I believed needs a hug that is sincere and a thought that one day, we will be giving the biggest hug of our lives no matter what circumstances we are in. We have been made for others and those significant others, whether friends, lovers and families are there to remind us that our role in life is to foster the link that ours are not dots that are separated but dots that are connected. We are in all ways than one, are connected through life. Our lives the way we lived it, even miles away have an impact on ordinary people reading us, or listening to us, or those that are plain strangers we sit on the bus. Our lives, before we even acknowledge it is made not entirely of our own little struggles for recognition, of power, of grace, of benevolence but of those who had been in our lives, our pasts and our present, our future and those that come within our hearts and stayed.

The biggest challenge of every man is to show how affectionately we are linked with each other, no matter what. That is why when you hugged someone or someone hugged you, you felt the sincerity, the calmness, the openness and the hope eternal. In our ability to embrace, we do not pass judgment on someone or his past or his mistakes but we open our arms out-stretched to accept and walk on. Usually, when we are pained, we buck down. When we are tortured, we questioned. When we are betrayed, we felt unfairly treated and when we are left, we felt we are alone in the world but all these, will be ease out when one hug you or you hug someone.

The power of a hug is one that is both an expression of love, understanding and hope as well as a submission of one’s past, letting go of one’s mistakes and coping up with what is that comes along. We are indeed what our world is, that as long as we embrace others replete with their own limitations while prospective of their strength and in their future, then the world will be a better place to live in. It is just a hug yes but a hug that is truly given is one that surely can reassure another of the power of change, the ability to look beyond what is today and provides a shining future that awaits those who makes it.

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