Journey 228: Through Poverty We Do

As they said, there are many stories behind every face of people you meet everywhere, down the streets, the park, the bus, the boat, the plane or just plainly when one walks across the street. Everyone, even strangers, friends and families that we keep nearby, have their stories to tell. Either they have live through poverty and succeeded or are still wallowing in its spiralling decay, one has the redeemed chance to live their lives the way one should.

I have learned in my life to give everyone its due, which by allowing oneself to live life the fullest, one can always get the chance to see for themselves the beauty of life, its manner and how it is being lived. One must understand that the beauty of life is not found in the comforts we have but can be felt when one is at the bottom of his life. When one has experienced poverty, may it be in material or spiritual journeys, that one opened his eyes to the reality that there are chances to make everything right. One will be able to understand fully well that by living, one will be able to appreciate those who came into their lives, be grateful for the chance to know them, understand them and love them and then another chapter begins, another story to share and another journey to take.

One in poverty must also acknowledge that we are tried to no ends. We are practically made to face the cruel world, face people with the cruel intentions, face faceless friends, face betraying egos and face a more unforgiving society. We can never pass judgment on those simply because they are poor. We can never say we are better because we have those that they lacked. We can never say we are blessed because we did not share. We can never say we are better off because they are not. One must embrace the journey that even through poverty, we think of others. Even in poverty, we desire for a great life. Even in poverty, we dream of a better life. In poverty too, we dream of reaching out.

The cycle of life begins when one took the step, hold on to it and then ends when we let go. It is also the same when we see others, not in us, but in their own world. It is by seeing them in us that we felt them, understand them better and serve them the best we can. It is by allowing them to live in us that we forget ourselves but never them. It is by living in them too that we breathe to the fullest and through them that our journey through poverty is one that defines us, not limit us. It is through it that we find simplicity in beauty and the peace inside our ruined city – ourselves!

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