Journey 229: The Mighty Stands Still

In our life, we are tested, bombarded with so many problems, countless and endlessly they wary our body, mind and spirit but are we to give up? No, I would dare not for the mighty stands still. I have had all varied problems encountered in my lifetime, some are about work, finances, families, issues about love, understanding, loyalty, faith, candidness and in fact, my being too strong of a personality have had issues with others. But I never wavered in my faith, never unbuckled to give up and never throw the towel in the middle of a fight for life is one replete with all these – not to slow us down but to move faster, speedier in God’s abiding grace and more so, happiness and humility.

Just as the windmill stands strongly, designed to withstand the strongest wind, to generate power and to ignite it, one must also stands still that in spite all of life’s challenges and trials, we face everyone everyday with the renewed fate that another day is to begin with us, with them and in them. I say that because even in our effort to clamped down, opt for seclusion and solitary confines of selfhood inability to connect to the world, one can never stand alone. We have families, friends, loved ones and those who have come to us, stayed a while and moved on. These people are whom we surround ourselves when we have the seriousness of life’s trials. Even in the choices we made, we felt we are alone but when we look at our side, countless others stand with us in our journey.

In my lifetime, and at 35, I may have been accomplished, well beyond everyone’s expectations but I have had a fair share of disappointments, hurts, betrayals, and the negativities of the world but I stand still to see it through as I believed that positivity should start in me, with me and through me. I have had all the chances to end life at one instant but never did so for I believed my life is more meaningful to be lived with others whom I considered the trustworthy ones in my life and countless others whom I never met personally but have placed their trust, sincerity and inspiration on what I do and through what I share.

Just as we stand still, one must also be humble. One of the best illuminating symbol of a windmill is that to withstand the strongest wind, it has to be on solid ground, flatly on the floor of the world, anchored in the sands of time and dedication of men who built it. Similarly, when we are up there, let humility surround us. When we feel we are stronger, then let humility anchor our abilities. When we are stronger, let sincerity be in our ways. When we are stronger, then let loyalty, trust, honesty and dedication be more and more expressed freely. It is by it that one finds strength in the most turbulent winds and the lashings will just empower us to speedily ignite, envisions and enriches one’s purpose in every journey.

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