Journeys 230: I have a DREAM

When dreaming is good for dreamers in us, I bet we got something to share to as many people as possible. Like you, I dream of a perfect relationship, perfect career, perfect family, perfect house, perfect car, perfect vacation and perfect-everythings however it does not comes in handy no matter how badly and desirably wished for it. I can settle for a dream though of a less-than-perfect-but-fulfilling everything, from relationships to career to family and those we keep here on earth to make our lives comfortable to some extent. Dreams are there to remind us that our present state will get better each day we keep on believing on those dreams and walking through it in our own reality.

One of the best aspects of dreaming in our lives is that it gives you a utopian view of the world, a world where you can be the sole person responsible for coloring it. It does not give us a perfect-perfect scenery, the most beautiful life and a wondrous magical house over a lake, rivers or seas but it gives us the satisfaction to learn more on what we have, sharing it with others and enjoying life as it comes to us. We are making our lives based on what we think, dream and aspire. If we dream less, then perhaps, in life, we have less. If we dream more, not only for us, but also for others, then perhaps we have more to share.

In our journeys in life, the dream we make each night and to some, the daydreaming they do in daytime defines our own self-imposed definition of a perfect world. We wanted a peaceful life, a rewarding career, a lifetime of great health, company of sincere, loyal and honest friends and more so, the happiness we can see in ourselves and those around us. The dreams we make however is totally dependent on how well we prepare to reach those dreams. When we dream and continue to sleep refusing to wake up and live up to the dream in reality then the realities of life will slap us in the face or bite us. When we dream, we need to learn when to wake up and attain those dreams. When we have awaken to a dream, let us also be conscientious in arriving at our dream’s destination, after all, we are what we dream, much more, we are what we think we can. If we think we are, then we will be. If we think we can, then we can do it better.

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