Travel 123: Sleepless in Ipil, literally!

Its pass 3:00 in the morning and we are still in the downtown of Ipil, in Zamboanga Sibugay for a dawn meal of bbq with the most reliable buddies I had with JCI Philippines. Nothing to be outdone in all sense, we took on the fancy of not sleeping overnight, just partying after the induction of JCI Ipil which was held at the scenic Provincial Capitol of Zamboanga Sibugay.

First off, I was dousing sleep late afternoon when my phone rang and it was my fellow brother from my local chapter asking me to join our AVP for Mindanao, Gurlie Frondoza to the induction of JCI Ipil, which I said yes instantly as I had also committed to be at the induction of JCI Lamitan, in Basilan a night before but was not able to go there in time, so to speak, Ipil that is!

We just went straight ahead to Sibugay Grand Plaza Hotel for a quick fix then off to the induction.

The Snake in the party

When we were partying and the dance were much louder and cooler, the crowd was disturbed when a snake which was apparently hiding in the thatch roof of the venue, perhaps, disturbed by the sounds of the loudest speakers, snaked its way to the dance floor and unto the hands of the brave man who captured him by the head.

It was when I took the fancy to look at it and check and yes, not a poisonous one I think but one that will constrict u to death when it reaches adulthood. By this time, the snake had its meal of mice I supposed as it was protruding his belly.

The Underground

Its 1:30 in the morning, AVP Gurlie and I were invited by NSEVP Ivan Ruste to go to the Underground besides the hotel where we were at early on in the evening for more revelry. At first, it was nearly its closing time so we waited outside and then the doormaster told us we can come in for free.

My first time to come inside the Underground in Ipil, so its kind of hippie place for younger generation to go and get spotted. It has one dancefloor however they have a cool interior design albeit, it is nonetheless, a fire hazard. Imagine going down flights of stairs to get to the bottom where the dancefloor is then climb upstairs to get out. But we had fun. Now, its closing time and the Underground closed.

3AM meal

2:30AM, we went out looking for something to eat after draining our energy so we headed to the night(morning) market for bbq. Instantly, it was a hit. We had much more to eat like balbacua and bbq of chicken wings, chicken thighs, gizzards, and chicken intestine haha. I took the chicken wings though.

When we were done, I chanced at an old lady vendor who prepares the coconut rice (puso) which we just eaten so a crash course on its making was requested but to no avail. She told me I can not do it since I am wrong from the start so we had one tried and then the finished products displayed.

Now, my sleepless in Ipil was done and I never even cannot imagine it happened. I thought a sleepy town in the heart of Zamboanga Penisula can be so alive when we are there.

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2 thoughts on “Travel 123: Sleepless in Ipil, literally!

  1. Amber

    Hello Dr,

    I have sumbled across you blog in the interest of Ipil and Zamboanga.
    My father actually lives in Ipil and since you have travelled there, I was wondering if you are able to comment on how safe it is for tourists as I am due to visit Ipil in the up coming days.

    I would greatly appreciate your view coming from a first hand experience rather than information available on the internet. Please email me directly if you like.

    Thank you,

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