Journey 234: Journeys of the Heart

One of the painful journeys couple has to make is to be separated by the wide open spaces in between to be where our separate journeys bring us though faithfully a couple in all ways. Those and many other decisions we keep in our lifetime is one that we can always come back wherever we are and may be in the future and the good memories we share will be one that defines us and the kind of relationship we keep even with the miles and miles apart from each other.

The space may be wide but the love we both shared is wider. It may be somewhat inconsiderate of us to go but as we both shared, someone has to make the first step towards a more fruitful future. Someone has to sacrifice and we both does, we felt it, pained, sorely missing each other’s company, laughter, cries, hugs and kisses but what remains is what we feel deep inside. We have had what others have not and we are in that others are not. They will never understand it but we do. They may never see it, but we do. They may even question it, but we believe so. The journey of our hearts is one that distinctly gives us the chance to search for the future together but the paths may be parallel however far.

The journeys of the heart are not only one that we both agreed to take albeit together still but we faithfully keep. We have faith, trust, commitment, fealty and candidness and that should be how our relationship is anchored. While we are oceans apart, we trust, we built faith and continually dreams together. We dream, we build. We hope, we believe. We trust, we gain.

Though the journeys are longer and wider but with which we built it, one must also be faithful. With which we hope, one must remain a dreamer. With which we trust, one must also be a believer. With which we sail, one must be the compass reader. With which we see, one must look beyond what the eyes can even see. With which we dare, one must always be optimistic. With which we love, one must always be affectionate and though painfully, worry-free.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 234: Journeys of the Heart

  1. this is dedicated.. to my one and only true love..MARY GRACE YAMBAO.. such a nice blog…….thankyou

    • Yeap bro. I wish you both the happiness you seek and God bless you both in your journeys. We have the same story and we ought to share it. Thank you for being such a great and appreciative friend.

      Thank you for appreciating my blog and the way I write

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