Journey 235: Somewhere I will LOVE thee

When our love is one we sees through in a lifetime, then perhaps we continue loving even as the time passes us by and thus, even when we are pained, we continue to love, feel loved and gain love. Even when we are afar and falling apart, then we shared love which we gained and thus, when gained, fulfil us in our hearts. I have loved then much more I will love. If somewhere, the love heals wounds by letting go, then I will be let go. If by loving you somewhere, I will trust the rainbow, then I will love you more.

As we journey on in life, there are loves we felt at best where the past dwells on it but believe a future holds more unto it, but not the present. We gain more by seeing what we can in the doorstep while holding on to dear hearts, pained, but letting go, bruised but moving on. We can, in love, feel alone, but we are not. We have a great life to spend, family and friends but more so, I can never contend that life’s begins somewhere even when our love can never be somewhere we find comfortable and predictable.

Somewhere with you, I feel safe and contend. Somewhere with you, I felt I gain, for love is what one gains and believes it will never end. When I love you, I think somewhere our future be a unison in a song and the rhyme of a poem. Somewhere with you, I chance on chances and climb hills when it is hurtful. I fought until I will go because somewhere I know, my heart longs for you. But somewhere I go, just let me go home with you.

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2 thoughts on “Journey 235: Somewhere I will LOVE thee

  1. Is this a love letter? Very sweet and romantic naman. Parang one afternoon lang ha. 🙂

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