Journey 236: It’s never Goodbye

The moment we parted ways and drifted away, the urge to go on to the next hello is up there in our sleeve so at least, we can forget the past and look beyond what is today but it is not. While we drifted apart, the rainbows come out unexpected to reassure us that our paths will soon cross, even as we do not try or exert an effort to make it happen. The pains and the hurts will be there forever in our hearts but it will just be there while we move on to our next chapters and those people whom we can also open our chapters with. Even if there are more and more that comes into our lives, there are parts in our life’s story that keeps coming back, at least, to remind us that we had been loved, we loved and we shared a love we knew was right.

But is it not that we always see love to be right all the time? Is it not that we feel love, at the right time even if it is not? Is it not that we felt loved even if we were not? Is it not that we feel we love the person whom we hug, we kiss, we pamper into the night, laugh at all times in the day but we actually don’t? Even so, we define it as our love, our own lives together and we keep it. As we drifted away, like the silent ebbs of water off the moss-covered stones, one must also silently go and move on, urged not by the future but rekindles every past to make the strongest move at the present. Like an empty chair, one must hold on to the void.

But is it that we forget that we heal the wounds or is it that we accept our fate that there are those that cannot be, that we heal ultimately? Sometimes, it is by accepting those that can’t be that the healing is much fulfilling than by holding back and questioning why it did end? Is it not because we love that we ought to understand? Is it not because our love, we understand too much not about what we do but what they also do? I surely will be drifting away but as our paths crosses soon enough, I will be happy to see you happier than me. By then, no more hurts, no more questions, no more pains, but peace in letting go and until then, I wish you strength until our next hello.

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8 thoughts on “Journey 236: It’s never Goodbye

  1. parting is such a sweet sorrow… pain is inevitable, healing is a choice…

    • And along with it comes peace, inner peace we felt in letting go. One journey we can make is to the choices we have made to remain stuck in the past or walk on towards redemption by looking at the future with which we have forgiven and has sought forgiveness too.

      Thank you for appreciating how I wrote in this line in my blog.

      God bless you bro.

  2. pray till the pain melts away…

  3. Kristine Arce

    I really don’t know exactly what happened to us—it really hurts that you just walked away from me. I don’t know if I’ve done something wrong to you but as I always says which was exactly what this blog is— our paths crosses soon enough, I will be happy to see you happier than me.

    thanks for this wonderful blog as always :))

    • Thanks Tin-tin, I will surely be happier to see you happiest in the future. Thanks for your kindness in sharing what you did and for appreciating what I have written in this blog. It’s one journey I will forever be grateful having known such a supportive friend and a very nice lady in you.

      God bless you in your journey as always had been.

  4. tiw

    with the news i got has become more real to me that i am
    finally letting go.. my pain may never heal but i now choose to forget you…

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