Journey 237: Hidden Away

As I tuck my heart in my moving on, I came across a song I loved listening right now, right here – at the café, a song by Josh Groban called Hidden Away. My journey is not necessarily about love and moving on as I am happy with where I am now but on some things hidden away from me, like friendships I thought was opened to me. I have learned to free my heart, my mind and get lost with the future we built together. I have made my peace and may it reaches those whom I have had been and will forever be associated with.

But also, in love, one must be able to reach out to even the farthest and remotest possibility of life and those whom we used to love and those whom we might love with all our heart and strength. We held in silence our longings and our missing is burdening us because we thought what has been hidden away from us was what we believed will be opened soon and shared. We are hurting inside because we thought that we will be needed much more than wanted. We are hurt because we thought one journey we walk through will be shared, only to find out that we will be walking astray.

As we journey on, in both love and being free, we must be certain that we are ready to cope up by the challenges, the longings, the musings and the pains of not seeing them walking with us day after day. We have to understand that our journeys from here until eternity is one we can help by not hiding away, the love, the feelings, the embrace and the kisses we both shared for the pass days. We also have to understand that there will come a time that our journeys will be meaningful when we are walking away and continually aspire to be hidden away, for even in oblivion our love sustains us though we hide them away.

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