Journeying Through 101: Help for Ezza Ramonal

We have come into more and more challenges facing us, our families and our loved ones but the least we can expect to happen can also happen to test our spirits and courage as a person and as a family. This has what happened to my dear friend Cycil Faith Guevarra Ramonal whose daughter SERGE KAREZZA GUEVARA RAMONAL contracted OSTEOSARCOMA (BONE CANCER) and is due for another major operation in Cebu City, Philippines. The family of Cycil is trying all their best to get the needed funds to fulfil their promise to their daughter to have a life full of potentials and love, however their limited resources is depleting and giving up on them.

As a friends of theirs and yours too, I would like to appeal for your kindhearted support to the family by donating any amount directly to them. Ezza needs it the most than we could ever imagine.

I can recall meeting Ezza for the first time while I was in Manila together with my wife Michelle. We were together in one occasion and I do not see in her the cancer she felt and has been fighting off because she is pretty much the same young girl anyone around whom you can see – smiling, happy, friendly, shy at times, but determined. Upon knowing she has cancer, it broke my heart into pieces because she is very young, she got a better future awaiting her and much more, she do not deserve this.

For you out there who wanted to help, you may deposit your donation to the Veteran’s Bank Account of Cycil Faith Ramonal directly. The bank account number is 0060458210100 and in Veteran’s Bank Pagadian City Branch. When you help her through me, it will be my sincerest debt of gratitude for your kindness. Just give it to Ezza and her family and she will be able to live longer and win cancer!

A gift from you to Ezza is meant to extend her life. This is how I knew best to help her keep her hopes and faith in the kindness of mankind. Let us not fail her.

I believed that when all else fail, let us never waver in rising her spirits up. We can never fail until God says we will but we can help her take on her will and that is the will God wills it for her.

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31 thoughts on “Journeying Through 101: Help for Ezza Ramonal

  1. ace

    you keep hanging in there. stay positive and fight. keep on smiling coz you’re gonna get through this ordeal. a lot of people are thinking of you and you are always in there thoughts day by day.

  2. gail

    God Bless her sending prayers to her and her family. This is terrible just terrible…

  3. Daphne

    couldn’t stop the tears from fallin……I can feel the pain her parents is bearing right now. My prayers for her……and I know God will reward her victory in His time.

  4. gretchen

    im deeply sadden to know about the flight of this young girl … but God is touching u to touch other lives in helping her …

    Karessa u are the child of God …FIGHT … for it is ur right to move on with life … seek GOD earnestly and love Him endlessly… for God will grant ur wish if u seek Him … and never make promises u cant make … i know ur mostly asking urself now… why u? God has His reasons for choosing u to be burden with this illness … and when u feel the pain tune in to christian songs so it will help soothen the pain … i know ur feeling but always reassure urself Jesus loves u … 🙂

    friend unahin ko muna send money for Karessa ha then later na ang cd hehehe …:-)

    • Thank you my dear friend Gretchen. Its alright. You gift for me is more importantly a gift for Ezza. I am most happy my friend that you help Ezza with her condition now po. God bless you cheerful giver. You can directly send your help to her Mom through her bank account. It will be a blessing for Ezza.

      About the CD, it will be the precious gift I can ever let go for the life and love of Ezza. I am more blessed by your generosity Gretchen.

      God bless you

    • cecyl faith g. ramonal

      thank you for your generosity. God bless u more.

    • cecylfaith

      Tnx for ur generosity, God bless and more power. tc

  5. kue eng

    with you in prayer ezza…. “the steadfast love of the LORD never ceases, HIS mercies never come to an end..GREAT IS THY FAITHFULLNESS”

  6. efren c. macatangay iii

    proverbs 3:5-8,psalms 34:23


    .._hi ezza bisag kadyot rata nagkaila through the presentation katong e-life sauna..i can see that u r a fighter .._God always loves us especially you coz u r His dearly,.beloved daughter…
    i know u can coz your faith in the Lord will make yOu alive and stronger!!_


  8. chi eng

    • Psalm 27:1
    The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?..
    Our prayers for you Ezza..

  9. bai cris

    yung kapatid ko rin po may leukemia grade 4 pa xa ng nag simula yun.. 2010.. at dahil jan we’re financially drowned =(

    i feel so sorry for Ezza and my sister who is now 11 years old..

    may God heal the both of them..

    • U may send me the story of your sister who has leukemia and include some photos too as well as other information, I will write her and her story on my blog. Its my commitment against cancer in all forms.

      God bless her. My email is

    • cecylfaith

      to bai cris:

      Let’s continue to uphold ezza and ur sister in our prayers. The LORD is always there when we call upon HIM. He is the great physician and the good provider. Let’s claim Jeremiah 33:3- God’s words says, Call unto me and I will answer thee and show the great and mighty things which thou knowest not.. Let’s claim miracle healing for both of them. In JESUS NAME they will be healed…

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  11. Bethel Abigail Sia Almirol

    we’ll be praying for you!
    Isaiah 41:10
    “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discourage, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand”


    • cecylfaith

      Thank you gail, God bless and regards to ur mom and dad. tc

  12. Elsie Derayunan

    I cannot help the tears from falling down my cheeks. I feel so sad reading Ezza’s story, such beautiful and promising girl. I know Cecyl and her family from Silliman U and Alliance Church in Dumaguete.
    We really do not know what lies ahead of us but all we can do is to trust and obey His will.
    I will be sending my modest contribution to the family. Hang on, Ezza.

    • cecylfaith

      Thank you so much ate els and it’s so nice to have christian friends like you. You’re still the same ate elsie before. Hope to see u again someday. Take care and God bless u more.

      • Elsie Derayunan

        I can still remember how our youngest brother, Boboy, who died of Esophageal Cancer in 2006. He was 39 and left us a daughter. Grace will just contact you with the details of the contribution.

  13. Anonymous

    God bless you. I may not know you personally but I have stumbled upon this blog. Keep on praying, it’s the most powerful thing. Never lose hope despite the feeling that God may not be around.

    A lot of people love you and we’re all praying for you.

  14. Evelyn Sierra

    As I am reading , my tears kept on falling as I remember my dearest daughter Gelsey, who died 2 years ago because of Leukemia. She was 12 years old then, and its so hard as mother to see your daughter dying and cannot explain the concept of death. She kept on saying “Mommy, I will never leave you, be Positive”, even praying for other kids who also suffer from the same illness in that ward. I kept her prayers written in her note book including her drawings the depicts hope and serenity. I am still grieving but have to accept that she is gone. I want to help in my own little way, maybe in the full story of my daughter that is so touching and full of Faith in God. I can’t go on further coz can’t control my emotions at the moment.

    • cecylfaith

      No words could explain our feelings as mothers but we need to move on and look forward to what lies ahead. Behind the storm the sun is still shining…

  15. wilhelmina v. bogo

    strength for ate cecil, kuya tisoy and the kids…the battle is tough but with God’s Divine Grace, everything’s possible!

  16. Just pray and don’t let your faith to GOD crumble.
    Always Stay strong there always a light in darkness..

    I hope, I can hear more from you


  17. Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts here for Ezza. See you around tonight for the concert!

  18. Ms.MarieCon

    I encountered Ezza, last year when I was still teaching at SCC.I admired her so much because of her strength in fighting what causes her pain . I was even astounded knowing that she has the gift in singing, she sings like an angel, I first heard it when she was requested to sing during a program in the school.
    Ezza, remember this, despite your situation now you are very much loved by God, through the people who cared a lot to you especially your family and friends, and even those that you don’t know.
    You are truly blessed!With all my sincere prayers ezza! Take care your such a beautiful girl inside and out. cheer up!

  19. bai cris

    May 14, 2011 @ 08:56:14
    yung kapatid ko rin po may leukemia grade 4 pa xa ng nag simula yun.. 2010.. at dahil jan we’re financially drowned =(

    i feel so sorry for Ezza and my sister who is now 11 years old..

    may God heal the both of them..


  20. bai cris

    May 14, 2011 @ 08:56:14
    yung kapatid ko rin po may leukemia grade 4 pa xa ng nag simula yun.. 2010.. at dahil jan we’re financially drowned =(

    i feel so sorry for Ezza and my sister who is now 11 years old..

    may God heal the both of them..

    June 02, 2011 @ 9:50am

    P.S. my sister had passed away on may 18, 2011

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