Journey 238: The Power of Humility

Just as when we are already accomplished in life that we forget, we tend to forget or to some, have even forgotten where we came from and from where our power comes from. It is the power of humility that sometimes are relegated to the shadows whenever we felt we are already secured financially, have great friends and families, properties and cars and sadly too, there are events in our lives that defines us as a person of which we will be misunderstood because we choose to forgo with our little humility.

In our journey through life, no matter what stature we enjoy or perhaps, no matter how we chase for that elusive dream, one must at least remain humble and flatfooted. I have had so many times, being stop on my way, while walking around the city to be asked by someone: Why did you walk? Where is your service vehicle? Why are you alone? For me, the reply will be just as simple as a wry smile for I do not base my life on what I have had materially but what I have made of myself and what impact I have had on other people who reads and understand me. I may be walking many times but I am also in deep soliloquy, one of the rare opportunities I can give myself to remind me of my own humanity, my own vulnerability and my own limitations.

It is just all too consuming for some people to base their lives on what they have, in comforts of their lives. One may have all the comforts one can get out of this world but are we happy? Truly happy? Can we be happier because we drive fancy cars, live in the fabulous mansion and take travel First Class? I say the way we obtain happiness is relative to how we see our lives while we live it each day. To others, they will be happy with what I had just mentioned but a good percentage too is just happy with nothing but themselves. The poverty one sees in others is one great pride of another who lives with it ergo one can never be too condescending and too encompassing in seeing another. While we obtain happiness in material things on this earth, what else can one get when he only got to live meagrely on a daily basis? While one can be happiest to be philandering around, what else can one wife feel when her family broke down and her children are scattered away? While one can be happiest chasing fools in the universe of wanton and destructive living, what else can one family feel when their children’s lives are destroyed because of drugs?

In all, the power of humility demands that we be contend wherever we are and may be in this lifetime. It also reminds us to exact more our understanding on others who have not had what you have. After all, in this life, we only got to enjoy a handful because when our time is up, neither the car you drive nor the house you lived in is usually being used to carry you through from passing from one life to the next, not even to the company and coldness of the tombs.

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