Justin Bieber’s arrogance at worse display

As a Filipino and I believed with any other race all over the world, we do not deserved the kind of maltreatment and misdemeanour of JB recently while leaving Manila. He could have been polite in refusing to sign anything since he is on his way to board the plane and much more, this JB’s attitude has insulted the feelings of Filipinos. Anyhow, firstly, I had not been and is never a fan of Justin Bieber so I will not be too emotional about this scenario and was never there, saw it on youtube and the trail led to the worse artist-related insult against Filipinos who patronizes him and his brand of music.

What I have seen about this incident is a minor infraction of behaviour or perhaps, JB is just showing how he can become when he is pissed off however, it does not justify one’s attitude and demeanour towards a father of a Bieber fan. He may be somebody in Holywood and he may be hobnobbing with the rich and famous, but JB, please be respectful. You can never win fans with that kind of attitude you have just shown. Worse, you just walk pass by the old man without even an apology? That is unacceptable here in the Philippines where people are concerned about how the other person feel whenever we did something wrong.

What has happened is a classic comparison between how children in the West and East were raised. Yes, perhaps because JB is raised in more affluent society than those in the East so he behaves like that. One can never accept what has been done JB and even if say, Filipino artist does that here, they knew the consequences and it is grave. They knew better how to treat Filipino fans because they took offense at every wrong move you make as an artist.

As I had been saying in my blog, humility counts so much as much as whether what our stature in life is. JB, you may be filthy rich and famous because of your songs and music but you do not, at all, have the right to condescend Filipinos like you did and as a matter of courtesy, will you please issue an apology? These Filipino fans paid for your concert and you earn your money here in the Philippines doing that concert at the Mall of Asia so it is appropriate that you issue an apology.

Learn from what Paris Hilton does to Filipinos JB. If one can recall after Manny Pacquiao won the fight against Shane Mosley, Paris Hilton was seen beside the wife of Manny and they were friends of course, but that act as well as the numerous tweets of Paris endeared her towards most Filipinos, ordinary people and artists here alike. In fact, even if Paris Hilton comes to the Philippines now, she will be much welcome than you were and yet she is richer than you and of course, prettier than you. Learn to give respect and you will earn more respect JB. Give us downright insult and that kind of behaviour then expect the consequences.

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3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s arrogance at worse display

  1. I think by the video he could be portrayed as that. No matter how bad of a day you’re having, you should be more considerate to people, especially as a celebrity.

  2. I think by the video he could be portrayed as arrogant. No matter how bad of a day you’re having, you should be more considerate to people, especially as a celebrity.

  3. alex josef

    putang ina nya , pag nakita ko sya baka bugbugin ko pa sya……… kala mo kung sinong bakla………….

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