Journeying Through 102: Five Months Since

It’s actually five short months since the 10 nursing graduates of the University of La Sallete vanished in the fire that gutted that ill-fated inn and breakfast in Tuguegarao City on their days taking the 2010 Nursing Licensure Examinations. I have written so much about them since December 19, 2010 and I felt them as much as their families in their ordeal.

Families and loved ones were my friends on Facebook now, mostly students from ULS became my friends, the review center and ULS fathers to some extent, became my friends virtually but sadly, those affiliations were not meant to be had this unfortunate disaster did not happened. I am sorry even until now that our friendship became apparently made after these young brave men perished. If I can only turn back the hands of time, I would wished to have met them when they are still alive, jolly and carefree, knowing them the more and being their “kuya” who is willing to help them get through the NLE and their review. But all these, were shattered after that tragic incident.

Sadly too, up until today, there was slow progress in the dispensation of justice to those who violated the law that claimed the lives of these innocent young men. No news alert already, in fact, nobody talks about them and their legacy saved for some few loved ones and families whom I get to see and read their thoughtful FB posts. No one even get to talk about them in national and local media regarding what progress the cases are now. Not even the law enforcement agencies tackling the case, no reports and no progressive update on what turns the cases have went.

The challenge we need to face today and onwards as we count the months and years is to remember the lives and love of these young men. Let not their memories escape us and let not our short-sightedness hamper the search for justice and truth in this incident. Let not our own inability to live their lives in ours affects the way we remember them five months since they were gone. They are indeed gone but it is unacceptable to also forget them and the circumstances that claimed their innocent lives. Let not anything in their memory also vanished in ours for when they are gone, we felt the void, the painful living each day on our own and by living their legacy in our lives for by it, it fulfils the promise of embracing their own legacy to ours which is importantly what makes us more human that we believed we are.

Like the hole that binds us together in a net, one must forever care for each other even if they are gone. One can never be fulfilled living one’s life without even making the slightest remembering of what has been for others to live too shortly and whose lives were abruptly taken away. In our journeys henceforth, one must link up each hole in our hearts to make the strongest net that catches not only fishes out to sea but the inspiration we sometimes, loss when someone has gone.

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