Journeying Through 103: Hope for Ezza

Some nights ago, I and Cecyl Faith got the chance to chat online as we had been in the previous nights since I first blogged about Ezza and here is one glimmer of hope, Ezza, the singer and beauteous lass that she is, will be rendering her first ever Concert for A Cause, a night filled with music and something to help us help her fight cancer.

Ezza, the lass whom I referred to affectionately is a singer. I first heard her sing together with the SCC High School chorale in one of the inductions I have had attended in Pagadian City. I am forever impressed of her performance and her voice is one that soothes the soul.

As we journey through life, let us remember that we need people around us to support us in whatever way we can and through this concert for a cause, you will get to take a glimpse of Ezza in her most rewarding concert, something that will make us feel her soul and her music.

Tickets to her concert are priced at Php 1000 for sponsors, Php 500 for co-sponsor and Php 100 for general admission.

For my friends based in Manila and every where, you may continue to send donations for Ezza to the bank account of Cecyl Faith Ramonal, Veterans Bank Pagadian City branch with account number 0060458210100. Ezza needs an operation soon so she needs our support and kindness.

Just like this photo here, Ezza deserves a full life, a life we can see her smiles and feel her laughter. She has been battling cancer since I get to see her but her smiles never fade. In spite her ordeal medically; she has been a source of inspiration for me and my family as well as to her family and friends too. Let us be the bearers of hope for Ezza.

After having posted my first blog about Ezza, I am overwhelmed by the show of support, prayers and kindness overpouring for her and her battle against cancer. Let us listen to her sing and share in her spirit while we also hope for our own. After all, we live our lives as heroes for each other, this time, I wished we can be heroes for Ezza and I believed that the hero lies within us and in us.

With this, I would like to thank you for your generosity in sharing your life with Ezza.

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5 thoughts on “Journeying Through 103: Hope for Ezza

  1. AJ

    Still praying for Ezza. Her radiant spirit shines through the pain. May our God the Great Physician continually envelop her with His healing touch.

    • Thank you AJ for your great thoughts. Later, I will go to her house and relay to her what many of you had posted on the blog in her hopes for life.

      Maraming salamat AJ. You are an angel.

      • cecylfaith

        thank you doc wen for the effort, may God bless u too…

  2. alicia dacua

    Ezza, i know God has a wonderful plan for your life… He wants you to be a living witness to the hopeless,to those who are in pains, to those who don’t really know where and whom to turn to when life is terminal because of cancer…. to those who really don’t know personally Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord…. God bless you,Ezza! Enjoy life to fullest in the Lord… have always that sweet smile of hope because you have Jesus in your life and there’s nothing to fear! right? yes,i’m one of those supporters…i bought tickets for your concert for a cause.

    • Thank you so very much for supporting Ezza in her fight against cancer and for buying tickets to see and listen to her heart.

      God bless you po.

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