Journeying Through 104: How Can My Death be a LIFE to you?

The most poignant song I ever heard from someone who sings from the heart to those families left behind by loved ones, husbands, boyfriends, sons, wives, girlfriends and daughters, fathers and mothers because of the war everywhere. I am touched by the strong resiliency of the families caught in the crossfire of emotions when suddenly; the ones they loved and adored so much were taken away from them. I have read so many books and literatures about wars and the perils of war is haunting me raw which is why every time I hear a melancholic music about them or read a book about them, I am ripped apart. I felt how the families of these brave men and women endured in losing someone so dear to them. I felt their pains because I too loss my dad and mum, though not in a war, but the losing is still the same: the pain, the loss, the grieving, the wandering questions and the silent thoughts.

I can share in the optimism of every American soldier, Filipino soldier or of any nation’s soldiers who go to war overseas. They have the dream to serve the country, bring pride to their nation and that of their family. They have been the beacon of hope for the oppressed, the shining armour for the downtrodden and the victors for those defeated everywhere. They are heroes who are immortalized in the fire that forever burn inside our hearts. When losing a soldier because they are in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in the Middle East, in North Korea, and everywhere, it painfully rob us our future to stand firmly on the hollowed ideals of freedom and democracy. Yes, when the entire world all over is in chaos, only democracy and freedom can achieve the highest ideals of mankind for the search of peace. When they have fallen, we are bended knees too, brokenhearted and grieved but their dreams of a democratic world is what we gain of their death. Their ultimate sacrifice is what we enjoy today. What we have today is what they have fought so hard to protect and upheld. They are what we dream of each night and their deaths are what keep us to live comfortably which is why we must, at all cost, remember them and their heroism.

Just as we enjoyed what we have today, feeling free to speak out minds, free to do what we do best each day, free to roam around everywhere, free to trade, free to love and free to enjoy life, it is the dividends of those fallen soldiers and policemen who sacrificed their lives. What they have loss is what we gained through our faith in democracy and freedom. Just as I wave a flag and offers my salute, I will never, never say goodbye. I am forever grateful to all soldiers all around the world who believed in freedom and democracy for the world I live in today. Had it not because of their sacrifice and death, I will not be able to live the life I live today. Remember them all the rest of your lives!

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