Journeying Through 106: Hope for Ezza Concert

Perhaps the most poignant rendition of gospel and religious songs I have ever heard LIVE was the one I listened to during the Hope for Ezza Concert for a Cause. I was there to witness the strength of a girl who now turns into a woman because of her ordeal and her will to fight against cancer is what makes us believed in human spirit. Seeing Ezza in her fiber cast leg is somewhat painful bearing hours of practice and the LIVE performance in which she has to stand for straight 5 minutes is unbearable but she showed to us how beauty and strength can capture moments of submission to God’s will.

Ezza’s concert is a true reflection of how the indomitable spirit of mankind can surpass any challenge thrown at us. No matter how big the problems we encounter, we press on and move farther down out way for we have a dream. Ezza got a dream like we do and she believes in it. She captured the moment and made the night hers to share for those who came amidst the rain.

The blessings of life and living through Ezza is one that further encourages us to a fulfilling mission to care much about others as much as we do care about ourselves. We are here for a purpose and that purpose is to serve God above all else and second is not to ourselves but for others. Ezza’s abiding spirit in showing to us humility, piety and sincerity as well as kindness is one that we can all achieve when we start to sing praises to God and see beyond what we have and what we do by sharing what we are to others.

The concert was a huge success among supporters and friends. The repertoire was gospel and contemporary songs and I enjoyed every minute of it. I took a recording of it using my Samsung phone and I am sharing these with you. I apologize for the poor audio quality but all the same, you can feel the spirit and determination of Ezza to sing her songs from the heart.

Ezza’s journeys are forever intertwined to ours and yours. To those who came and watched, thank you. To those who will continue to support Ezza financially, you may directly get in touch with the family.

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2 thoughts on “Journeying Through 106: Hope for Ezza Concert

  1. zyra

    grabeh ! na nindog ako balahibo pag kanta ni ezza ! amazing kaayo 🙂 grabeh jud ayy dghan jud ng love nimo sang ! hihi dghan jud ng watch sa imong show ! godbless olweis tc GOD IS IN YOUR SIDE iloveyou and ,miss :))

  2. ang ganda ni ezza, smiling even through such painful situation

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