Journey 240: Can Love outlive the LIES?

There are, as they say, many lilies in the pond and underneath are life evolving, so does any relationships we build on. One day, we fell in love, the other day, we have fallen out of it. One day, we shared love, the next day, we shared lies. One day we made love, the next day, we just deftly fell out of love. Relationships are built on trusts, not trysts so therefore, when lies and innuendoes of lies cometh, then the strongest barrier is the TRUTH. How can love outlive the lies? A figment in one’s mind, though considerably disheartening when known but unthreatening when hidden becomes the lingering conscience. The guiding principles for love to thrive is to be utterly honest with each other, give time to each one another and outdo each one in giving honor, not lies. The greatness of love is felt when we are trustworthy and also, thinks of the person we love with trust, confidence and less on anxiety, mistrust and discomfort.

Men and women became prey to the folly of love when they look beyond what their eyes can see at the present moment. When you have someone in heart and whose heart belongs to you, then focus on them. Do never stray from your focus on them for when you do, you see farther away that falling into it means hiding something you both feel betrayed. Loving is yes, risktaking but it does not involve falling not once but twice, thrice or more than that at one time. When one does, it does not liberate the love but hinders it. And as we wantonly and brazenly ascribe, no one man can go fishing in the betwixt two seas. No one man can scoop a lily mightily except the ones he already has been caring for through.

Can love then outlive the lies? Yes, love can but trust will not. Love is always the guidepost for someone to thread whose paths were narrower and dimmer each day. Love is best felt when you are deeply committed, strongly committed and utterly honestly committed to the one you love. No amount of tryst or fake feelings of love can supplant truest love. If one feels unhappiness then seek it through. If one feels burdened, then lighten down. If one feels loving, then love the most but not to more. Remember, when lies thrive, love dies.

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