Journey 243: Enduring through hardships: Sung-bong Choi

One of the few videos I have come into listening is the one where a young Korean boy named Sung-bong Choi auditioned for Korea’s Got Talent and was posted on youtube. His story is very much unlike what I used to hear from many auditions and what captured me is his ability to rise up from whatever he has been made to endure in his life being an abandoned child. Never in my life will I ever hear someone whose passion for singing is deeper and more sincere than this boy. Like the audience he has been able to touch and reduced to tears, I too, became one who by listening to him and his story, was more reduced to tears than that of anyone who hears him sing LIVE in the studio. His piece was Nella Fantasia which I heard being superbly sang by the group Il Divo.

We hear stories, sad ones that made people rise up to where they are now but seldom will we hear stories of brave men overcoming life’s adversities because they believed in the power of the song, in their ability to sing and their sincerest heart to express themselves while singing. Last Sunday, when I and my friends decided to take a swim at a nearby beach, we passed by the public market to buy some food for our lunch. I chanced to meet this young boy who sells rice but one thing I noticed of his disposition is that he whistles, smiles and sing to himself and I approached him, asking him why he was happy. He told me cheerfully that “he chooses to be happy in adversity because if he frowns, nobody buys from him”. That instant, I told him, he will be going places and he will be successful. Overcoming adversity is one value that we need to exercise excessively. Never giving up from what life’s challenges are giving us is the best way to compete for ourselves and make sure we finished the race.

That image of a boy, a young man trying to sing their problems away is what conjures in me our needed respite from the challenges we face each by also mimicking them and what they are doing in their lives. When we have problems, trials and adversities, let us not falter but instead, walk on and press on. We need the courage to face another day so our life’s stories may also be an inspiration for others. After all, our journeys in life are never always of good cheer and simplest paths but one that is filled with all trials and tribulations. It is on our ability to respond to each challenge that comes our way that makes a difference.

When we choose to be happy by inspiring others, then that is the best way to endure through life’s problems. We may have all the things others do not have but still the same, our common denominators are the perennial problems we face each day, our challenges and our trials. These, among many by the way, are what makes us truly who we are and not what we are in this world.

Sung-bong Choi’s number 40272 and his story is what made me stronger as a person in character and in the pursuits of my dreams while trying as much as I can to be an inspiration to those who reads me. His story just made me want to visit South Korea and learn how ordinary people, like me, is inspiring others through their journeys in life.

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