Exorcism 101: The Acacia Tree and the two students

As I was comfortably pounding on my laptop for a much needed deadline to beat, I was asked by one of the men in our campus that the teachers were waiting for me for a meeting. I said yes, I will go to the school named Antonio National High School where our classes were held, just after past 12Noon today. However, while taking light lunch at the canteen, I was talking to our Mayor of the town who happens to be an “albulario” of sort and he told me there were 2 students possessed just before lunch time. He asked me if I’d be interested to join him and witness it. My instant answer was YES.

This is my first time to experience this firsthand. I took fancy at it when I watched The Exorcist film and was quite interested at paranormal activity. I believed in it and yes, I believed in ghosts and bad spirits.

When I was at the door of the canteen, I chanced upon a man who sits wearing his yellow t-shirt with a cap. I was asking questions if these really are indeed true and he said it was. Previously, there were an entire family of 4 children possessed and these children happen to be his grandchildren.

Story of Mang Diokno Andiason

Mang Diokno Andiason looks very much of a run-down barrio tanod whom I see as someone bordering on mysticism and silent solitude through his gaze. When I talked to him, his eyes wanders around me and never looked straight. I kept on making an eye contact when we talk, hoping to take a peep at his soul when he relayed to me his story but of no avail. He just looked beyond me, straight to my head, my forehead, just liked that.

He told me that his granddaughter when possessed talks in Tagalog and screams words and sentences, even says the Our Father. He saw how his grandchildren counted from 1 to four, as if in a roll-call when asked how many of them are there.

“Marami kami, isa, dalawa, tatlo, apat…” says Kim, 18 years old when possessed. Her hair raised upwards and she levitated off the ground.

The Call

While waiting, someone called the Principal and was informed that the children possessed were brough to a little chapel near the school however, they were fighting those who brought them there. Mayor said the students should be brought instead to a house he once fought with the possessors and bad spirits.

“Nanghahamon na mga yan” says Mayor Danny when talking to the Principal. The Acacia tree was inside the school and he said that in the previous sessions, he was told by the bad spirits that they will not take anymore victims as long as their abode (Acacia tree) will be remained untouched. So was the agreement until Brigada Eskwela.

Brigada Eskwela

As tradition, the Antonio National High School conducted the annual brigade eskwela. The surroundings were cleaned including the Acacia Tree. Teachers whom I talked to, including the principal admitted to me that students were climbing on the Acacia tree and tore some leaves, cleaned its moss-filled branches to the point of tearing some barks off. I believed with it, the agreement was not honoured as was agreed in the past.

June 13, 2011 incident

Marvin 17 was walking pass the Acacia tree going to his classroom, in Section Rose being a freshman student. According to Kim, who was previously possessed that he saw Marvin accidentally bumping someone (shadow) as he passed by the Acacia tree.

Minutes afterwards, in their class, Marvin was making guttural sounds and piercing eyes were directed towards Teacher Graciel. When Teacher Graciel asked the teachers to assist Marvin out of the classroom, teachers were kicked, slapped, wrestled and punched.

The possessed seat

Upon Marvin’s departure from the classroom, his vacated seat was taken by Jemma 13. Suddenly, Jemma was silent and was delirious. She kept on telling Teacher Graciel that someone were tugging her foot dragging her. She kept on resisting the bad spirits and she always utter swearing words like “yawa mo” (mga demonyo kau). She cannot see them but she felt.

Jemma kept calling Teacher Graciel telling her that they wanted to take over her body but she is resisting them.

Black smoke

As witnesses would have said, they saw black smoke whenever the children were possessed. I was having chills when writing this blog and tomorrow, I will be going back to the school where the acacia tree stands. I will talk to both Marvin and Jemma. It’s a story I wanted to write and perhaps, can asked them to draw sketches of it if they can.

Weirdest feeling

As I was busy tweeting on our way to the site, I tweeted about paranormal activity. I was having so much creeps when suddenly, out of the blue, Mayor Danny asked me about what it is appropriately called and uttered “paranormal activity”. I was just done tweeting about it and was dumbfounded how come he knew what I tweeted when we are together in his vehicle, riding it at 90 kms/hour on a rainy afternoon.

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4 thoughts on “Exorcism 101: The Acacia Tree and the two students

  1. That’s so spooky! I have also witnessed something like this before, in our school. I remember the high school batches praying almost the whole day!

    • yeap it was spooky talaga. I was asked by the espiritistas not to go inside the house kasi usually daw, pag-hi-heal ung mga na-possessed, the bad spirits transfer to another body. hanggang acacia tree lang ako haha

  2. I had paranormal encounters too. Kapre in my neighborhood and black man inside the historical Bayukbok cave in Bulacan. Nakadraft pa ang halloween post ko eh, anyway mahaba pa ang November..

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