Getting sick and experiencing ZDSMC

I was down with flu for the past 4 days and when I was with chills after a warm bath, I decided to get myself to another physician to really check and get good medications aside from Bioflu which can be bought over the counter. So the priority visit of the day is the new Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center. I had always been here, lots of friends, physicians, nurses and some patients are there so I felt at home but this visit is different. I am undergoing the process of getting checked up medically as an Out Patient client of the Medical Center.

It’s been months since she became Hospital Administrator that I have not seen my High School teacher, Madame Angie Amor so I went to see her first. Then she toured me to the new private rooms wing of the Medical Center and even showing me the Php800 private room.

I have not been to the private rooms so I took the chance to visit it myself. The rooms were spacious, clean, with amenities found in many private hospitals, TV, AC units and a warm comfortable bed.

The hall way is wide and the nurses’ station is up clean with nice staffs. Every nook is occupied, either with chairs or landscaped flowers.

Time for me to get my check up.

The Process

The process of getting medically checked at the Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center, based on my experience was relatively speedier. Priority numbers were called in and records were taken by nurses on duty then I was given my Patient’s Card.

Thereafter, I was taken vital signs, a process I am familiar with since I worked with nurses. The male nurse who took my vital signs was a classmate of my elder brother so while he took those necessary signs, we chatted and exchanged pleasantries.

The Doctor

I was seeing Dr. Neonita Baylon, a Pediatrician. You might be wondering why I have to see her when I am an adult OPD patient. She happens to be a good friend of AO Angie and a friend of mine too. Since my flu is nothing too much to worry about (based on my own decision), I will see any doctor while at the Medical Center though they have a complete roster of qualified and highly trained doctors.

I had my check and Dr. Baylon asked me to nebulise as she found out that there is a whizzing sound on my lungs and also I got cough so it is prudent.

She gave me a medical prescription to buy the medicine for my nebulizer then off I went back. I nebulised with the assistance of a nurse.


The sharing of thoughts and experience while I took on the patient’s shoes in visiting the Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center is rather enriching. As I see it, the nearest facility one should consider in protecting their life is the hospital and government hospitals are there to augment the private hospitals but privately run hospitals are expensive.

Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center is one that caters to indigent patients and also those who can afford which is why the need for more private rooms. Their rooms are similarly found in many privately run hospitals and their doctors are over qualified.

Just in One hour

All the check up that has to be done including the quick tour of the Zamboanga del Sur Medical Center took me only an hour to do. Indeed, ZDSMC has a new face now, a new brand of service one can avail of.

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4 thoughts on “Getting sick and experiencing ZDSMC

  1. now ko lang nabasa ‘to… I was on vacation last weekend and just got back yesterday… get well po… 🙂

  2. wow! gusto ko rin nung pinoy blogger shirt.. 🙂

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