My Blogger Shirts

Perhaps, one of the most desirable attributes of Filipino bloggers is in the positive identification, either in shirts or other merchandize. I am happy to have received yesterday, my two (2) Pinoy Blogger shirts courtesy of my blogger friend Fritz Gerard Villafuerte of Las Pinas who has been selling blogger shirts since he was into blogging himself.

I bought it from Fritz the morning he posted it at Pinoy Bloggers group of which I am a member. I bought it the same day and the rest was history, counting the days coming through for the shirt to make its way towards me.

As was with every blogger who owns the shirts, I am excited to have gotten mine at LBC.

You may contact them and make your orders at

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10 thoughts on “My Blogger Shirts

  1. ang cool naman! 🙂

  2. Yay, a blog about Blogger Shirts! Thanks for buying and specially, your patience in waiting for the package to arrive. 😀

  3. I can’t wait to get mine too! 😉

  4. Meron na rin ako 😀 Sana magproduce pa ng maraming designs ni Kuya Fitz 😀

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  6. pde po malaman gano katagal bago nio na receive yung shirt? thanks po! 🙂

    • mga 2 days after ata kasi nag-third party sila Fritz kasi mas mura for provinces through LBC pero suma-total ko, the usual days delivery lang un lang kasi staff ng LBC, hindi nea nakita name at package sa list eh dumating na pala ung shirts the following day.

      Where u able to get yours na ba? the shirts are nice. I bought two (2) of those hehe

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