Journeys 244: My best journey is yet to come

As another left in the book turns, as the old leaf fell off the branch, one has to be reckoning as to who flipped it new or who broke off the branch? Was it the air or the old leaf weary that it hold on no longer? Recently, I have had the lowest chapter in my life including friends getting the dreaded C and the coping up is much painful to bear and yet, we strive harder to move on as a new day promises a new vitality, enthusiasm and perhaps, love.

As we journey on in our lives, we encounter encumbrances that we think holds us back but actually make us first try the first step, only this time, an extra load is added to our already weary shoulders. We have had been living comfortably well prior to a dreaded news but will it really stop us from moving? Can we be like stuck in the middle of nowhere trying to fidget with uncertainty. We have many questions like will I be alright then? Will it bears me more fruit to enjoy? Will it make me wiser? Will it renewed me? Will it redeems me? Will it liberates me? Will it and more will it comes to mind but honestly, its only God who showers the answers to all and every question.

As they say that anything that comes along will too shall pass. The trying times seem to be hardest to endure but with God at the center of our lives, nothing is impossible. The best and enduring promise of God can be seen in the poem “Footprints in the Sand” which when I was a young boy, I read with much reflection. I know that when I am pained, God will be carry my load for me. When I am bruised, he heals it. When I am tired, he carries me.

My best journey in life is yet to come. Soonest when we are comforted by the abiding graces of God, our journeys will be lighter albeit in a different perspective now. Last night, over dinner, I was randomly asked by my friend, Troy Asugas which I prefer to have: Cancer or Cardiac Arrest ? I calmly told him that should I have to choose, I’d wished it’s the dreaded C for the same reason that such will redeem me spiritually while also not discounting the physical pains one has to endure. I shared to him the book I read about CEO Eugene O’Kelly who contracted brain tumor and he was told to live for 100 days no more. Practically-minded, he lived his life closing all his relationships, friends, associates, everyone who came into his life. He said in his book Chasing Daylight that his cancer and his death is a gift for he was able to prepare for it unlike those who died of accidents and cardiac arrests. Although, in my mind, I wished nothing near the two choices since I dream to live healthy and wisely beyond the twilight years.

The pains now, the phases and the enduring confusions will too shall pass. God will, as always, the greatest comforter and abider of the healing power of miracles of which I believed. To those of my friends who suffer, I am hugging you all in my warmest days and in my lowest chapters to make you stronger than me. Always remember that our journey is yet to come. It shall, as said in the song, shall pass.

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One thought on “Journeys 244: My best journey is yet to come

  1. gretchen

    the song is so very beautiful wendell … im speechless beyond words … 🙂

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