Journey 245: Reaching Out

Everyone, in most parts of their lives, has to endure problems, trials and challenges which span from relationships, finances, work, marriages, commitments, vows, and the ever pressing concerns of health. In it, we value no one but ourselves and the only way to cope up with the challenges that comes our way is to understand why it has been there and why it has happened and what lesson has it there to teach us.

My first brush at life’s challenges comes unexpectedly and neither I nor anyone can ever understand why it has to happened so suddenly and so unexpectedly beyond my comprehension. I am stressed and depress yes, but I am prayerful and hopeful too. I had been tortured emotionally but I am getting through there. I am pained yes, but I knew this trial will pass. I am bruised yes, but I know this too shall heal. All my pains and the challenges that comes my way are constant reminder for me to reach out, not on my own and for my victory’s sake but reaching out to those whom I have left behind – my God, my family and my friends. Reckoning hard enough, I had been on the high-speed highway driving to nowhere but surely, am anchored in what God’s purpose for me. It is just unfortunate that in so doing, I have been speeding pass many others who are there to support me through.

I am grateful for my closest friend who has cancer who shared to me the film Fireproof and watched it as well as reflected on it. He knew my predicaments and he knew too well who I am in my life. He and I shared a life that only the best of friends knew and I am continually is grateful for the wonderful blessings God has given me when he shared his thoughtful suggestion about the film to reflect on. I in fact was reminded by him that we all have all our problems that we just have to face it head-on.

A friend of mine too, as with many countless others, have informed me that she has cancer. It broke me harder since I am surrounded by friends and family who are with cancers. I have already in my mind how many of them have been in the phases of life with cancer. I could not and never fathom why they, so young, has to endure it. I say to myself that one day, the physical pains will be redeemed by the renewed spirit to be an inspiration. I thought that life has to be as simple as living until our twilight years and rest peacefully in our time but God has higher purposes and direction. We are never drivers of our lives but we are mere passengers, though we have the option to hop in or not. In our life’s struggles, we have everything that others have not of which I believed will be one of the reason why God wanted us to share, share our life, our experiences and our ability to make a difference.

Reaching out is like this little boy with a twig trying to reach out a branch. It is by experiencing what we had been given that we may reach out. Reaching out to those who have made our lives significant and meaningful. It is through reaching out that our pains will be replaced with joy. It is by reaching out that our struggles will end with such victory that only we can all appreciate and share. It is by reaching out that we carefully evaluate where we are at the present and decide where we are heading in the future. It is by reaching out that we know God better, much more than we allow ourselves to know.

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5 thoughts on “Journey 245: Reaching Out

  1. gretchen

    i am with u with ur journey with people’s life … we all are breathing life for a purpose … God made sure that we are special to Him .. He uses people to guide u and me in finding that purpose in life … the greatest purpose in life wends is shepherding people towards Him … that’s all He ask from us … kaya natin 2 … 🙂

  2. Thank you Gretchen. You are an angel who came to me as my older Ate. Embrace Ate Meldy for me and I knew too that God guides us to where we should be.

  3. gretchen

    Meldy is a very special friend whom i met during our pregnancy days in my law office days … and it is thru her i met u wendell, an equally talented young man …. im glad i both found u … u also give me inspirations with my life … yes wends il give Meldy a huge hug from u … 🙂

  4. How was the day with Meldy, Gretchen? I hope and pray that each passing hour, Meldy becomes stronger in the Lord, as I know she was and will always be. if only I can be also be there to be with you both. Rest assured that my thoughts go to you too as I am nursing my own painful journey in life. I knew and believed that this too shall pass.

  5. Today had conversation with this new student Ijem and he’s totally blind. He’s humble and brilliant in all aspects such an inspiration….

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