Analysis 103: What’s in the Bishop’s Name?

The ensuing controversy brought about by luxurious SUVs named and registered under the name of the Bishop is one that needs clarification. I laud the efforts of the LTO CARAGA to unmask the owner of the 2009 Mitsubishi Montero Sport and it was registered under the name of Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos.

I would think that some bishops, like anybody is prone to the worldly demands and whims but will it also be true to all bishops? I do not believed so. Firstly, let us understand what’s in the Bishop’s name by the way?

When one is transacting or talking about the Diocese, it is the Bishop you are talking to, not the priest or nuns or the lay people. Even in diocesan schools run by the dioceses around the country, their bank accounts, mostly, are made in the name of the school/diocese thus the signatory and owner of the account is the Bishop.

The same goes to the property. Any land, buildings, pieces of furniture owned the Diocese, it is under the name of the Bishop. It is where the controversy stems faster than one seems to think twice who really are the Bishops in this context? The individual or the one solely representing the Diocese.

Let us not also mistake the Bishop when their names come out in vehicle registration or property leases agreement or even in land titles because they solely represents the Diocese. It is only because some erring bishops have wantonly displayed ostentatious flare for material things under the graces of a sitting president that we encounter this kind of controversy. After all, bishops may be bishops in their Churches but more so, they are humans like we are, prone to commit mistakes and misdeeds.

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