Travel 124: My journey to Tiananmen Square Rhapsody

When one is in China, much more in Beijing, one should never miss visiting the Tiananmen Square as well as the Forbidden City. I was glad I did it in 2010 when I was part of the Philippine delegation to the China-ASEAN Young Leaders Training Program. It is the year-long training program where young people and the youth leaders come to China and interact with their Chinese teachers and fellow youths as well as that of other ASEAN countries. That year, we are paired with Cambodia.

Our trip to Tiananmen was so great I even forgot to bring hat in spite the fact that I have rhinitis so for the entire trip, I was sneezing. It was all worth it when I step into the open, massive and impressive great square fronting the Tiananmen Square.

We took our own private bus in going to the Square though I noticed that there were taxis milling around the square.

One brave and courageous act I did was to have my photo taken with a Chinese PLA standing and guarding the square. I wonder why it is very hard to get a photo with them, they just don’t simply allow you to have a photo taken but me and I my friend Jogs stole a snapshot of me standing beside him.

China is one great journey destination for Asia! One should never miss it out in their travels and more so, you will understand China and the billion Chinese if you get to visit them in your lifetime!

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2 thoughts on “Travel 124: My journey to Tiananmen Square Rhapsody

  1. wow! sa books ko lang nababasa yan… thanks for sharing Doc Wends.. 🙂

    • thank you too for commenting on it. I am mesmerized by its sheer stature and the imposing presence of its structures. I am happy to have been to the Tiananmen Square.

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