Travels 125: Journeying in the Forbidden City

One has to live in the grandeur of the past in order to live in the present, as I say to my students most of the time. One of the ways of living it is by travelling and my travel has brought me to China, in Beijing and more particularly, to the Forbidden City. I have never set foot on Chinese soil all my life and this time, I am excited to take on the journey together with the Philippine Delegation to the China-ASEAN Young Leader’s Training Program.

We went to the Forbidden City whose sheer grandeur matches no other in the world. To me, the Forbidden City is so far the most intricately designed, architecturally grand and impressively constructed for its time and age. Marble slabs and limestone walkways were all around. Since I have entered into the Forbidden City, I have not set foot on any soil. I saw some soil where trees were planted on but not on any walkways and pathways.

My journey through the Forbidden City is never complete without seeing the throne room where the Empress Dowager, in the past, holds her audience. It captivates me as much the other visitors that China has been so advanced in its architectural and civil construction works, which predates to civilizations around the world.

Not wanting to be outdone by anyone, I took the challenge to take my historic Chinese jump at the Forbidden City.

Also, I tried to cleanse my luck by touching the huge cauldron where other visitors also touches.

The forbidden City is one destination where a journey has to be made in order to understand how power, grandeur and grace in the historic China was and one’s travels to Beijing should not be complete without a visit to this City.

China will remain to be an impressive country and modern metropolis I have journeyed on.

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6 thoughts on “Travels 125: Journeying in the Forbidden City

  1. There’s such a “Chinese jump” pala?

  2. hahahahaha, oo Leo. Magpapauso na ako nean. Kung pumunta ka sa China soon, mag-Chinese jump ka rin. Salamat sa comment!

  3. at talagang fomo-forbidden city Doc ha. !!anu yun—philippine peso bill ba yun?hahaha

  4. napagod ako sa forbidden city 4 hours ko siya inikot pero sulit!

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