Travels 126: Journeying in Starbucks in Beijing

Having entered into China in 1999, Starbucks have seen its presence felt in mainland China among locals Beijingers and tourists alike. I have taken the fancy while in my own country, prior to my trip to China that the PRO China is employing a stiff commercial activity that bans western brands such as Starbucks, McDonalds and KFC, but I was wrong, dead wrong in my visit to Beijing.

Greater China

After a tiring journey through the Tiananmen Square and to the inner sanctum of the Forbidden City, we saw the nearest rest and relaxation venue, the Starbucks. I am impressed of it while I was with my friends much more than just a sip of its famous espresso.

My visit to Beijing has dramatically changed my own perspective of China and the Chinese people. Starbucks presence has ultimately given way to a more cosmopolitan global flare among coffee-drinkers in China although realistically speaking, China is a tea drinking nation.

In our city tour of Beijing, one can see Starbuck branches in office buildings. One impressive indication that China has long opened up already. Journeying through Starbucks in Beijing is one vision fulfilled, mission accomplished.

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