Travels 129: Night-out in Osaka

While in Osaka, I met my Swiss friend Coco and we decided to get dinner and sightsee the city by night. Night-out in Osaka is one filled with bursting colors and one that I will never ever forget. I have seen the gargantuan food God and Goddesses there, replete with their viands in wide array of display for those who want to see what is on the menu in each restaurant.

It’s a chilly and windy night-out in Osaka and we went to this district to get some dinner and beers. It was after I and Coco had a warm and funny experience at the public bath in the hotel where we stayed.

The night-out was fun-filled. The beers were hugely popular and we took Kirin Beer after dinner. The most famous beer in Japan is considerably, the Kirin brand.

A night before that, I went solo night-outing in Osaka and I was casually on my walking Benetton shorts and sleepers as I planned to only take dinner by myself and then back to the hotel to prepare my presentation. Since it was my first night-out in Osaka, I want to sightsee it myself. As I was looking around, to my horror, I was the only one dining in walking shorts and everybody were on their suits and in the best dresses. To my chagrin, I hurriedly took my dinner and went off my way home.

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2 thoughts on “Travels 129: Night-out in Osaka

  1. sino yung kasama mo? hehe.. =)

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