Travels 132: Journeying Buenavista Island Surigao

Arriving in Surigao City was a breather from a long-hour drive from my home in Pagadian City. We stopped in Cagayan de Oro and Butuan Cities for a night’s sleep and Surigao here I come! First off the agenda is the much desired and exciting island-hopping adventure. This adventure has been one that I wanted to conquer being on my much priority list as a travel blogger. If I cannot go to Bucas Grande and the Sohoton Cove, then this trip adventure is well worth it.

We left the port fronting our hotel, the Hotel Tavern at 45 minutes past 10 in the morning. On board were my friends Ayee Parojinog and Josel Dispo of Cagayan de Oro as well as Don Lanzar and Heidie Villanueva of Davao City and other members of JCI Philippines.

The journey towards Buenavista island is one that is replete with all ups and downs of the waves. Journeying Surigao must be done with waters abounding and travelling to these islands required a high spirited attempt at conquering your fears for waters and the waves. I have done both!

Buenavista Island is true to its grandeur. Very pristine because it is unspoiled. The docking was an adventure too since it is low tide when we arrived. We have to be disembark from our vessel to a smaller motorized-bangka to ferry us to the shore of Buenavista.

Our guides were generous ladies who had been in these islands and this adventure all their professional lives. They told us what is to expect from Buenavista island.

One of the best hosts we have had in Buenavista is our journeying Buenavista island with their local barangay captain who told us that the waves were just normal waves and that his island is one that is significantly contributing to local domestic tourism in Surigao City.

The only discomforting experience on the entire island hopping is on the attire. I am well dressed in jeans and my LO uniform since my board shorts were left in my bag at the van in the hotel. I jumped in the foray of excitement that I have forgotten to change to much appropriate attire for the island hopping but that one should be a minor one. Journeying Buenavista island should be more fun than my attire.

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