Travels 133: Journeying Buenavista Cave Surigao

Before I have embarked on my Surigao City journeysandtravels adventure, I checked on the website for possible destination to pursue while there for a day. I chanced upon the enchanting Buenavista Cave and its spelunking adventure. I did both!

After our arrival at the Hikdop Island where Buenavista shore is as well as the cave, our guides told us that we will be climbing some few stones to get to where we should be on our second adventure in Surigao City: Caving! I have last done caving when I was in my secondary years in a cave situated in Guipos, Zamboanga del Sur and that was more than 20 years ago. I am with excitement and adventure today so I give myself all the credit for the adrenaline rush.

Still on my jeans and uniform, I took on the challenge and did caving at Buenavista Cave. Journeying Buenavista Cave is one adventure I surely will not miss since I am already in the island. I will remember that visit with much adventure and nothing more but plain adrenaline-rushing adventure.

The cave entrance was huge, in coral stones and limestones too. I am always impressed of caves and its cavernous entrance and passageways. It reminds me of my own vulnerability and misdirection. It gives me the chance to at one point in my life, lost control of it as our guide will always and all certainly knew where to step on and where each passageway leads to.



Inside the cave were grand stalactites and stalagmites. There is also one they called the crown inside the cave. It is a stone shaped like a crown placed on a floor.

The adventure ended with a sumptuous lunch on the beachfront of Buenavista island!

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10 thoughts on “Travels 133: Journeying Buenavista Cave Surigao

  1. jet

    hi, i happen to be looking a place to go this coming new year’s eve through new year and i happen to spot Buenavista Cave as a good candidate. I was also browsing for reviews about the place and yours was the most recent. Is it a safe place to go even if i’ll be on my own and is it accessible? Is there a place to stay there for the night? and like how much should I budget for this trip? i’m from tagum, davao. thanks…

    • It is very safe since it is where the barangay is situated. You can stay there overnight and it can be accessed by bangka from Surigao City. Enjoy your stay there on the holidays!

  2. jet

    do you happen to have any contacts of tour guide/accommodation there that i can possibly get in touch in advance? since it’s the holidays, i’m not sure if the place is packed with tourists so better be ready than sorry.. thanks šŸ™‚

  3. jet

    i sent an SMS yesterday to the number you had in your contact me page… thanks

  4. Marjorie Pabillore

    Hi. I just want to inquire if how long did you take the entire spelunking adventure and how much did you pay from the transpo to guides etc. I’m hoping for you reply, it would help a lot. Thanks in advance šŸ˜€

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