Travels 134: Journeying Shrine of the Divine Mercy

One of the tourist and devotees attractions in El Salvador in Misamis Oriental is the gigantic statue of Jesus Christ standing over the blessed hills of the Divine Mercy overlooking the bay. As we journeyed back home from Surigao City, I am excited to try the Dahilayan Zipline however, due to our rather short travels and tiring one too, I have to decide to go home instead. Our EVP Troy offered to go to the Shrine of the Divine Mercy to me as he knew I am into travel blogging.

Not a Catholic myself, I am interested to see the Shrine and feel its purifying energy and peace. I admired the Shrine for it provides me the opportunity to pray and offer my humble supplication to Jesus Christ whom I considered to be my best companion, friend, comforter and Savior.

The Shrine of the Divine Mercy is one that devotees flock from all places in the country and overseas. One will have to climb up steps to be where the statue’s center is and its manifold presence will be felt.

I offered my prayer for the significant person in my life, Michelle who is overseas. I offer my life as a humble gift and a contrite spirit that seeks nothing but peace, forgiveness, holy presence and an enveloping God’s love.

One’s journey to the Divine Mercy Shrine will give you varied experiences. One of ours today was that my friend Allan June Molde was bringing his DSLR and tried to shot a focused facial shoot of the face of Jesus Christ however, even with so many attempts, he just cannot get a facial shoot and his SLR just going berserk every time he manually focuses the lens. I told him to just stop attempting as it sends him a message: privacy that is and a surrendering attitude.

I went home refreshed, renewed, and reborn as I had always been under my faith in Jesus Christ.

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4 thoughts on “Travels 134: Journeying Shrine of the Divine Mercy

  1. uy ang ganda pala talaga…haaay inggit! i was in Cagayan then…Sabi nila malapit lang yan from there, a 1-hour drive…Nawili ako s river nila kaya I lost the time of visiting this place.

    Thanks for sharing Doc…Para n rin ako nakapunta…

  2. It was near and one of the best I had been to. I was really planning to come here all along and my original plan for the day is to go Dahilayan Zip line and then adventure from there but since kulang sa time, on our way home, we stopped here and prayed.

    It is a place where you find peace and tranquility. Salamat for appreciating my blog post.

    Soon, makakapunta ka rin Jinkee. God bless you in your journeys!

  3. Dangskie

    W0w! Ganda na pala ng DIVINE MERCY ng El salvador! tagal na ako hindi nakapunta ulit dyan.. Gusto ko sana punta ulit dyan pag my time. Thanks journerys and travels! Nice one…

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