Travels 135: Journeying Bitaog Island

One of the best attributes of the Philippines is its geographic and archipelagic nature and islands are abounding. Surigao is a place of surreal paradise with its many islands. Sohoton Cove is one of them but since I am not able to go there due to the time limitations, the second island-hopping destination was a great relief and a history maker.

Bitaog Island is an island I can safely call the little boracay of Mindanao. White pristine beach shore, stone formations and fresh waters, unspoilt. One must take the dip and as they say, when you arrived at Bitaog, you can never resist.

Remember that since the beginning of the trip, I was not properly dressed for the island-hoping. All jeans and uniform but when I arrived in the island paradise and journeying Bitaog Island paradise, I can resist no longer, so off the uniform, off the jeans and onto the waters and white sand, only on my BENCH boxers.

I will never replace the chance to take a dip in my journeying Bitaog Island paradise for just my pants and uniform. I shed all that I could and took the historic dip in Surigao. The greatness of the island is its own unique position in the group of islands surrounding Surigao City. It is strategic and more peacefully fronting the waters and many smaller islands too.

In our journey going there, we passed by the Zaragosa Rock formations as well as the Castle of the Ecleos whose majestic presence on top of the mountain is imposing and grand.

Journeying Bitaog Island paradise is a must when one gets to Surigao. Travels to these islands will take your breath away and comes back to you as an experience of a lifetime!

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4 thoughts on “Travels 135: Journeying Bitaog Island

  1. ang ganda dyan. wanna go there!

  2. ganda talaga dito bunso. nice paradise on earth!

  3. loui

    thanks for this sir hope to see you again here in surigao you have just visited a few places there are a lot of place you must see 🙂

    • My pleasure to be in Surigao. I had been always there pero not much time to roam around. My next travel to Surigao will include a must see Sohoton Cove haha.

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