Travels 137: Swimming in Bitaog Island Surigao

One of the best opportunities I had while journeying in Bitaog Island in Surigao City is the chance to take on the dip and swim even if I am not properly dressed for the occasion. As I had been saying in my previous blog that I am on my jeans and LO uniform, I went to the island-hopping opportunity, one that I will always look back as an blessing to appreciate beauty of nature and how it can transform lives of ordinary people living in their own humble communities.

The power of domestic tourism is one that is of abundance everywhere I go and travel. I have seen that many lives were transformed because of our brief visits.

Bitaog Island is one example of such opportunity. I went to this island with the perception that I will only take photo and then rest while waiting for the my friends taking the plunge and swim. One of my friends told me I can’t resist the beauty of the sea in Bitaog island of which obviously is true. I gave in to the temptation of Bitaog Island because I went to the plunge only on my BENCH boxers and nothing more.

The photos I had in this blog is courtesy of my friend from Cagayan de Oro whose been so generous and kind. Aileen Abao is a great photographer who took these photos.

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8 thoughts on “Travels 137: Swimming in Bitaog Island Surigao

  1. wow! nice beach! sana makapunta din ako dyan soon! 🙂

  2. Ayee A.P.

    you’re welcome, wends! enjoyed the island with you guys!:)

    • I purposely linked your FB here on this post to acknowledge your generosity and in your kind friendship Ayee. I am and will continue to pray for your continued successes in life and career. Thank you that we have had the chance to travel and enjoy these islands and much more renew the friendship we had through JCI.

      Salamat gyud ug ayo Ayee. God bless you in your journeys!

  3. AJ

    Sir, ang dami mo namang chicks! 😀

    • mga kasama sa Jaycees po mga yan haha. Salamat sa pagbisita at pagcomment sa blog ko po AJ.

      Kamusta ka na?

      • AJ

        I’m good, except that my heart seems to be getting lazy. My heart rate is slower than the normal minimum. Pati puso ko tamad. Haiz!

      • just take care of it AJ by thinking happy thoughts and then not worry much about anything. May ganun din ako dati and I had to passed out everytime I do not feel good or when I am depressed pero sa nakikita ko, happy thoughts lang katapat nean.

        Always be happy AJ. dont give it too much thought. Enjoy life. God loves you more than you knew and God bless you in your journeys. I hope to journey and travel with you AJ.

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