Travels 138: The Hotel Tavern Surigao

One of the best hotels in Surigao City is the Hotel Tavern. We stayed there for the 3rd ACM of the Area 5 of the JCI Philippines. It is the venue of the ACM so we had our room booked and stayed for less than 12 hours. The Hotel Tavern’s amenities are great and the hotel is fronting the port of Surigao so one gets to see how the beautiful shores, both the majestic sunrises and sunsets are gleaned on the waters. The Hotel Tavern Surigao is situated in Boromeo Street, Surigao City.

I took fancy of taking photos of The Hotel Tavern Surigao myself and blog about it. My over-all experience was great. Good staffs and friendly ones. Guests like young men and women going out to surf in Siargao gets their room in this hotel too as well as families of married Filipina women who stayed overseas.

The lobby of The Hotel Tavern Surigao is a great way to relax. The walls are glass so you can see the inside from the outside and the landscape was superb. The interior deco is native inspired and of course, a wide array of minerals are displayed at the lobby.

The elevator of the Hotel Tavern Surigao is fast and its entrance is adorned with faux pax shells. The elevator is half-fiber glass so when you go up and down the hotel, you see the beautiful view of the Surigao port and the seas beyond its premises. The Hotel Tavern Surigao is the best yet that I have seen in Surigaoa City.

The reception area of the The Hotel Tavern Surigao is superbly designed with two native leaves adorning the hotel staffs. Besides it are two internet PCs for the use of the guests however, much to my disappointment, at the time when we stayed there, the internet connection is not as good. They told me they are having problems with their servers. So for the entire day, all of us have no access to emails, facebook and blogs. Needless to also mention is the disappointing towels in our room which has a hole on it but notwithstanding, I am impressed of the hotel.

One of the best I love about the Hotel Tavern Surigao is its own staircase. It’s simply majestic on its own modernity. It can be reached by telephone 0063868268566 ad their fax is 0063868263280.

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6 thoughts on “Travels 138: The Hotel Tavern Surigao

  1. nice hotel, indeed!

  2. looks quite fancy, is it expensive here?

    • not much though. Affordable rates din naman. I’ll post here may be tonight their tariffs.

      It is where surfers also stay when they are off to Siargao. Its convenient kasi fronting the port kasi ung Hotel Tavern.

  3. Thank you very much for your review of Hotel Tavern. We have a website at, the rates are posted there, and there are also 360 degree viewing portals of the rooms and public areas of the hotel.

    Thanks again. We hope to see you again at Hotel Tavern.

    • yes you welcome. I am happy to have been there for a day and night. I would love to come back in the future. I took the photos myself and I hope it helped in any which way.

      I am happy to have been of help as an incognito blogger who wants to write about places and travels I have done for my friends and followers too.

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